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BBQ Lentil Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Without question, I love this time of the year. Especially now with little kids in the house and seeing the excitement in their eyes as they see christmas lights for the first time in our house! Reading christmas stories at night, baking cookies to give to others, teaching them the joy to give and receive. Sharing with them the true meaning of christmas – this season is not only warm and cozy, but it fills my heart. And it reminds me just how very blessed i am to have been born in a happy family.

Which brings me to these vegan bbq lentil stuffed sweet potatoes – they are cozy, hearty and filling, yet loaded with cool-weather seasonings. Using sweet potatoes and lentils in this twist on comforting twice-baked potatoes adds both extra nutrients and fibre.

Sweet potato lovers unite. This easy meal is something you will be so anxious to spoon or fork-dive into once you prep it in minutes. This is a clean out the pantry kind of meal and it’s damn good! At any given moment we have lentils sitting in our cupboard along with jarred tomatoes and spices. Oh, and sweet potatoes – we’ve always got those puppies on hand!

Simple, Sassy, So Good Food. This bbq lentils stuffed sweet potatoes is a swanky, steaming, symphony of flavours and comes together in a flash and aside from the time it takes to cook the sweet potatoes it’s a hands off kind of recipe. I love how comforting lentils are and this is the kind of comfort food I’ve been craving. I’m feeling a bit anxious these days (more to come later this week on that) and sitting down to dinners like this help calm me down.

Do you know why I could never be on a successful low carb diet? Because of sweet potatoes. I just cannot fathom getting rid of potatoes in my diet and fearing them. This is a unique way to stuff one of my favourite veggies! I love enjoying these with some veggies or salad on the side, but if you’re making these for a crowd, you could serve them with a huge hunk of hummus (alliteration much?) or guac and chips. Or both, because how could I make you choose between hummus and guac?

Lentils are the superfood. They are packed with protein and fiber, low in fat and cook in about 25 minutes. The lentils are cooked with tomato sauce, maple syrup, mustard, sriracha and liquid smoke to create that particular barbecue flavour.

The baked sweet potatoes are super soft on the inside, topped with spicy-sweet-smoky green lentils and drizzled with tahini sauce. It results in a combination of flavours and texture that I just can’t get enough. Sometimes, all you want is a filling, hearty, yet healthy meal that is easy to make without sacrificing flavour. This is exactly what this recipe is about.

Still, let’s talk about these potatoes for a minute. I love sweet potatoes, I think they are one of the best foods for using as a base. They love being baked, mashed, fried… any way they are always good. Being naturally so sweet, you do need to pair them with something pretty salty if you’re going to eat one as a main meal.

Don’t you just want to face plant into one of these?! They are so fun and messy and hearty and game day ready. Heck, if there was a sweet potato bowl, these guys would win. Hands down.


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