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Beet Chocolate Scones w/ Pistachio Crumble & Chocolate Drizzle

Happy Valentine’s Day!! What do you hope to get from your loved one? A box of exquisitely-packaged chocolates, the kind with epicurean flavours? Or, how about red rose petals, strewn in your filled bath, with a flute of pink champagne delicately balanced within stretching distance? I’ll take a bit of that, thank you very much!

Well, what would you say about a basket of these freshly baked vegan beetroot chocolate scones for breakfast? So save the chocs and the scented bath for later, and treat you and your loved one(s)s to a funky breakfast of crazy pink scones.

It’s vegan, gluten-free and of all natural ingredients. Although it seems like a savoury meal on first sight, these beet scones also have a chocolate flavour. Yes please! Oh and did I mention I really, really, really like the colour? I might begin a gathering of pink recipes, don’t you think?

Beets are incredibly nutritious and what better way to increase your veggie intake than through scones? Dream come true. I don’t think I’d ever seen a beet scone before, but I figured they would be pretty awesome. And guess what, they are! I made a first attempt and voilà: the prettiest little pink scones were born!

I’m writing this post, all curled up into a soft blanket. The sun is shining outside and I’m listening to the delicate, almost meditative sound of water from the fountain while sipping on a hot tea and biting into a warm scone. It’s simple pleasures like these that remind me to feel grateful for the wonderful gift that is life. We’re often so caught up in our lives and occupations that we forget to stop and enjoy these little joys. We forget to listen to the wind blowing in trees or watch the sun play hide and seek behind the clouds. We forget to breath and feel the fresh air fill our lungs. Or we forget to mindfully enjoy the food that reached our plate. All things we too often take for granted.

Who are those people who hate beetroots? They don’t know what they are missing. Each bite of these scones brings you to chocolate and pistachio heaven. The sweet crumble on top brings a nice crunchy bite. And bonus, it’s packed with super nutritious beets. Oh, and it’s pink (!!!) I mean, what else can a girl wish for?

So, if you make these scones, I hope they can be a nice excuse for you to take a pause. A little 5 minutes just for yourself. To do nothing. To take your time. To simply savour life.


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