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BLT savoury oatmeal

Did you know savoury oatmeal was a thing? Just type “savoury oatmeal” into the ‘ol Google box and you’ll see what I mean. Oodles of recipes utilising the homely oat as a vehicle for a hearty and satisfying meal – incorporating veggies, cheese, eggs, bacon, you name it – are available on the internet. I’m admittedly late to the game when it comes to experimenting with savoury oat combinations, which is a bummer, because they’re so good. And easy. And fast.

I know we are bombarded every day on Instagram with pretty pictures of perfect oatmeal bowls covered in juicy fruit, gobs of peanut butter, and chocolate sauce. Sigh, can someone make me a bowl of that right now? Anyway, sometimes I’m not in the mood for something sweet (gasp), and this BLT savoury oatmeal bowl hits the spot every time! You can literally throw together this BLT oatmeal in 10 minutes. That’s a filling, healthy, flavour-packed, gluten free, cheap, and vegan meal in 10 minutes. Yes, please.

Oatmeal is a smart way to start the day. It’s full of fiber, has a decent amount of protein and is dirt cheap. Plus, it’s really easy to make. People general top oatmeal with sweet things ― like raisins, sugar and cinnamon ― but we think oatmeal makes a more complete and heartier breakfast when savoury. We’re talking tomatoes, greens and sometimes bacon mixed into a warm bowl of oats. (We really can have it all!) I haven’t even told you the best part about savoury oats. They’re so good ― and filling ― they can be eaten for lunch or dinner, too. 

If you’ve been around here before you know I have a weird relationship with oats. I appreciate oats and what they do for my body: they’re satiating, have quite a bit of fibre and surprisingly a good amount of protein in there too. Don’t get me wrong, I wish I could eat a fruity bowl of oats every day for breakfast but that sweetness in the morning is just not for me. Give me a warming bowl of these savoury oats any day.

I’ve never really been that much of a morning person. I appreciate that I can be very productive in the mornings, but I’d much rather lounge in bed if I can. But with a bowl of these vegan BLT savoury oats simmering on the stove, I can be convinced to get my day started. Big hearty bowls like these also keep me fueled for when I go deep into a six-hour editing spree while listening to some lo-fi jams.

I’ve always been a salty over sweet person. I know that 99% of you would pick a chocolate cake over a hearty (veggie) burger, but I’d have to go the other route. I’m the girl who’d rather indulge in a hearty dinner than a sugar-heavy dessert. Call me crazy. That’s not to say that I don’t love sweets! Boy, do I love them. I can demolish a bowl of sweet, delicious oatmeal in about 7 seconds flat. I could probably definitely eat fruit all day. 

But you can definitely count on me munching on all sorts of savoury. Hummus, guac, veggie pizza, fries…these are my love language. What’s a girl to do when she wants a savoury breakfast?


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