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Brioche Burger Buns

Brioche burger buns seem to be all the rage, with their impossibly glossy tops, rich soft crumb and sweet taste. Interesting breads are so often lacking if you avoid milk, eggs and nuts/seeds, so I thought I’d jazz up our Tuesday night burgers with an attempt at an egg and dairy-free brioche.

I really didn’t think it would work – brioche is essentially bread packed full of eggs and butter. Actually though, the results are really pleasing and very much like regular brioche – OK, the glaze on the top isn’t quite as dramatic as an egg-based brioche glaze, but I was pretty pleased with the results.

Burger buns so rarely get to be the star of the show. But that's because we're usually using flimsy, texture-deprived, bland-tasting buns as a vehicle for our burger consumption. These homemade vegan brioche burger buns are anything but that.

These buns are pillow soft but with just enough chewiness to make them interesting. They taste yeasty and just slightly sweet. They'll hold your burgers, your pulled pork, and your sandwiches without blinking twice or falling apart on you. (leftover buns make a mighty fine breakfast with a little butter and jelly)

There is just something incredibly comforting about eating a delicious burger, and most of the joy comes from biting into a giant, soft bun. At least that is what I look for the most. I want a delicious bun that is sturdy enough to hold the burger together but soft enough to sponge up all the delicious sauce and juices.

For years I bought my buns at the store due to sheer convenience and frankly why wouldn’t I. They are cheap and just need slicing. In fact, most of them are already sliced. That’s how lazy ass I can be. So why would I want to skip those and make my own?

Two reasons: taste and availability. If you are vegan, finding vegan brioche buns is rather hard, at least where I live. They tend to have egg wash on them and dairy in them. And so what if you do not care about them being vegan, why still make them from scratch? Simply, because homemade buns taste so much better and are not much work.

Even if you are not very kitchen savvy or have not made bread before these are easy to make because the dough is very forgiving. There is admittedly some waiting time because the dough needs to rise, but there is very little work involved in making these. And don’t worry if you do not shape your buns perfectly. These vegan burger buns will turn out great because the dough is getting two rounds to rise and the second time it will even out little bumps and dents. But even if they are not picture perfect, they will taste great, and there is a certain charm about homemade food that has its little imperfections.


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