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Cheesy Spinach & Tomato Thin Crust Pizza

Starving to be thin? Can kiss my (body positive, feminist) ass. Bring on the homemade pizzas. On the regular! There’s just something about the combo of spinach and tomatoes that I really love. I mean reeeeally love! What better way to end the week than with some thin crust piazza??? And can you believe it has been over several months since I’ve shared a new pizza with you?

I think I’m part italian. My pale skin, asian eyes, and brown coloured eyes do not appear in any way shape or form Italian, but my taste buds – they think they are Italian. They are comforted by Italian food and crave Italian on a daily basis. But what if I combined a classic Italian style dish with pizza? That may please everyone in my house.

You often hear of florentine dishes in context with Italian foods. What does florentine mean? It refers to a dish that is prepared in the style of the Italian region of florence. But another definition of Florentine means to be prepared with spinach, and that is what I think of when i think of florentine style dishes. So a florentine pizza, simply would mean a pizza with spinach. It is a bite of florentine meets Singapore. It is just legit. It pleased this wanna be Italian but typical Singaporean girl.

You know how at times I tend to over exaggerate about how delicious something is.. well this is not one of those times! I was craving pizza today and decided to pull out my pizza pan. Now, pizza is a kind of food that you can be very creative when making. With all the topping possibilities how can you not? I have always loved experimenting with flavour combinations and I have always enjoyed leafy greens on my pizza whether arugula or spinach. I happened to have spinach at home so spinach it was!

Regular pizza, especially when store-bought, usually contains all sorts of nasty chemicals such as nitrates and nitrites from processed meats. These chemicals are added to meats to prolong their life and give it a better colour, so you will most likely see these chemicals on meat packages or anything heavily salted. They are also generally smothered in cheese and most pizzas contain very few vegetables (no, tomato paste doesn’t count…), meaning very little fibre, making them a digestive nightmare!

Also, switching to eating a healthy and balanced diet doesn’t mean you have to give up the ‘good’ stuff. You can totally have your vegan pizza crust and eat it too! I totally get that sometimes switching to healthier alternatives from our favourite meals is hard. But the best part about them is that you still get to enjoy and indulge in your favourite meals!


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