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Chickpea & Veggie Curry Risotto

Hate having to slave in the kitchen for a vegan meal that will satisfy your appetite? Looking for a quick & easy recipe for those sluggish afternoons that is also healthy and filling? I have your back!

This easy vegan curry risotto is a recipe that can be put together in under half an hour. The best part is that you can make it with ingredients that you already have at home! No trip to the store needed!

Healthy, filling, tastes fantastic, and it’s great for the whole family. Because come on let’s face it, who doesn’t like risotto? Or curry for that matter!

I absolutely love anything curry. And who doesn’t like a rich creamy bowl of risotto? A lot of nights in my kitchen feel a bit like I’m on an episode of Chopped. Can I bring a batch of random ingredients together to make a delicious and presentable meal in less than 30 minutes? This recipe is a result of one of those nights.

Did you know that the word “curry” is derived from the Tamil word “kari” meaning “sauce, relish for rice”? Curry powder is many people’s go-to ingredient when they want to spice up their meal! And for good reason! It has a rich taste and texture that is perfect for any dish, especially rice dishes!

Also, risotto is one of those dishes that just feels good to eat this time of year. It is warm, creamy, and comforting — all attributes that equate to a killer fall food. It is also a dish a lot of people seem intimidated by, and rightfully so.

When you build a risotto the key to getting a nice creamy texture is to encourage the starch out of the rice slowly. This is done by adding small amounts of warm broth a little bit at a time. Each time you add broth you stir until the liquid is absorbed by the rice. Once absorbed, you add a bit more broth. While this may seem like a lot of stirring, it really doesn’t take that long. It is actually a nice way to decompress – to give your brain a break – after a long day.

The way most people talk about it insinuates the time, effort, and skill used to pull it off isn’t worth it. Luckily, I’ve found this to be categorically false, because if my ten-year-old self can do it, so can you.

I wish I could say that I remember the first time I made risotto with astute accuracy, but it was blurry, at best. All I remember, is that according to Martha Stewart, I needed aborio rice, and by gosh, I was going to get that rice.

Back then (10 years ago, but who’s counting??), aborio rice wasn’t nearly as readily available in my area as it is now, so tracking it down was a challenge, well that, and the fact that I didn’t have a driver’s license. Lucky for me, omma was well-versed in all things food, and happily provided it for me.

I have flashes of me standing over her hot viking stove, relentlessly stirring a pot of aborio rice that never seemed to cook. I couldn’t understand why it was taking so long, and as I was getting increasingly more frustrated, I had an epiphany — adding cold or room temperature broth to something hot will inevitably bring the temperature of the entire dish down, which will in turn, slow the cooking process down and create a mushy risotto! HAHA


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