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Chocolate and Peanut Butter Sweet Rolls

Can I just barge into your head for just a wee little second, and smoosh some thoughts into that brain of yours, that you may have not been thinking about? I know that’s kind of a little bit, rude, invasive and treading on that whole “personal space bubble” shenanigans that I know a lot of you have but check out these vegan chocolate and peanut butter sweet rolls with chocolate peanut butter glaze!!! I can’t even explain how amazing warm and chocolaty sweet rolls right oven the oven taste! I rolled big chocolate chunks right into the rolls and the result was pieces of melted chocolate between each layer of the rolls. This means double the chocolate and peanut butter, say whatttttt! It is like eating a peanut butter sandwich 🥪 for breakfast, with chocolate, all hot and melty. But the peanut butter tastes like a peanut butter cup.

I’m normally a cereal or oatmeal for breakfast kind of girl, but I love the occasional obscenely decadent breakfast – like this one. Chocolate rolls have universal appeal, and, well, peanut butter. I needn’t say more.Peanut butter is even more delicious and also more healthful than chocolate rolls, and it’s just as tempting. Combine peanut butter and chocolate rolls, and even those with the steeliest wills will be wiping crumbs off their faces.

Okay. let’s get into this seductive sweet roll situation, shall we? Sweet rolls. they look super impressive and also kinda scary. Not gonna lie, before I made this recipe, I was all, “I’m going to epically screw this up.” And tbh, I absolutely did the first time. but I battled through and the final result was so much more delicious than I could have anticipated. The first time I made them I daintily drizzled the glaze on top. The second time I smothered them. Which batch would you like better? It is a chocolate-peanut butter-sweet lover’s dream. Those things have such an affinity for one another, so I knew that these could only come out fantastic.

So I’m no stranger to introducing pb and chocolate into every aspect of my life, where no man, child, or spoon is left behind. Okay, maybe I actually would leave behind my non-existent hubby and infant for a spoonful of the nut stuff. Can you blame me? Especially if it was a chilly morning, where I was awoken by the sounds of coffee percolating, and the waft of these sweet rolls straight into my nostrils. Well a girl can dream, but the one who actually busts a tail at 6am to make this a reality is the real winner.

When a plain old chocolate roll just won’t do… these chocolate pb sweet rolls might be just what you’re craving. Little in size, but large on flavour, with a lightly spiced peanut butter filling studded with chocolate chips and chocolate chunks and plenty of gooey chocolate and pb glaze on top. Just for good measure. These rolls are best right out of the oven, freshly glazed and devoured while they’re still warm and gooey.


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