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Chocolate Button Chai Pear Scones

Simply delicious chocolate chai pear scones that are tender and perfect with a cup of coffee or tea. Each scone is thick and crumbly with a crisp exterior while the centers remain soft and flaky. Loads of fresh pear is speckled throughout to ensure you get some in each bite. Chai spices make these scones great for breakfast on a cold day. 20 minutes in the oven and you have tender, fluffy scones bursting with warm pear and bitter chocolate. The worst part is waiting them to cool enough to shove in your face.

I have a love-hate relationship with scones. Most of the time, when I buy scones from the average cafe, they are… mediocre. Am I allowed to say that? Whatever. I just did! I can’t be the only one who feels this way. I pretty much avoid scones when I go out, even if there are chocolate scones, loaded with chocolate chunks. A bad scone is downright disappointing.

This Sunday morning, I let my mind wander, and as it did, my eyes came to rest on the bowl of pears on my counter. I love pears and don’t feel like I use them enough in my baking. I adore fruit-filled scones and figured this would be a good opportunity to include pear. I opted instead for pear + chai which is one of my favourite flavour combos and just screams fall to me. The addition of some chocolate doesn’t hurt, especially beside a cup of morning coffee (seriously dream worthy combo).

These fluffy scones are stuffed with bits of juicy pears and dark chocolate buttons. the taste is great, the pears and spices work beautifully together and the cinnamon glaze makes it even better. Chai pear scones is where the love of scones meets the enchantment of a cup of tea. The chai spices complement the complexity of a ripe pear in this simple breakfast pastry. The scones themselves are not very sweet, so the subtle nature of the pears is truly able to shine through.

Die-hard bakers will definitely be questioning the legitimacy of these so called scones. They are not white, or fluffy, or filled with butter. I can figuratively hear Mary Berry’s heart breaking over my title right about….now (such a sassy ol’gal). But let’s just go with scone, because “hippy-dippy-healthy-good-for-you-scone-like-creation” isn’t that appealing, now is it? They are a revelation: rough, firm, a little crunchy, crumbly, delicate in the center, crisp at the edges, gracefully bronzed, subtly sweet, they are destined to become my perfect fall indulgence. I had half, just in between shots, still warm from the oven. Simple divine.

Chai is one of my absolute favourite fall spices. I’ve used it in a variety of recipes but, it’s exceptional in today’s scones. Pear and chai truly are an incredible combo. I love the warm comforting aroma of chai. It fills the air as the scones bake and is just pure heaven. These chai pear scones came out so tender and crumbly. It is impossible to eat just one. Especially when they are smothered with sweet cinnamon glaze!

Now, these are absolutely fabulous on their own. Let’s get that straight. But for some reason I had the urge to drizzle.. and I am so happy I gave into the urge. The cinnamon glaze takes these bad boys from incredible to “I can’t believe this came out of my kitchen”status. It was worth every second of the extra effort to make these already perfect scones out of this world.

If you are looking to impress yourself or someone else you need to grab some pears and make these scones. One bite and you will be convinced that you could open up your very own scone shop. These are that perfect people. Your life will never be the same again.

And if you’re a runner or triathlete? I think you’re going to love these for two reasons:

1. If you frequently run out the door sans breakfast before a long run or ride on the weekend, try these next time! Bake ‘em ahead of time and scarf one down about an hour before your workout. Those carbohydrates can serve you well while pounding the pavement.

2. Or, try ‘em my favourite way – as a recovery option. After my run this weekend, I enjoyed one of these delish scones as a treat alongside a glass of milk. Great balance of carbs & protein to help restock that energy in your muscles and start the muscle fibre repair process!


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