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Coconut Orange Pistachio Donuts

There is something really wonderful about waking up with the preheating oven and breathing in the solitude of an empty store that was, only hours ago, busy with people finishing their shopping and employees rushing around trying to get home before midnight.

Give me any donut, and I’ll eat it. Glazed, maple, apple fritter, lemon poppyseed- you name it, I’ll enjoy it. My donut problem began a few weeks ago. I’m not wild about calling it a “problem,” because I feel morally uncomfortable listing the words “donut” and “problem” directly beside one another. My donut addiction? (too clinical. My donut fetish? (ew.) My donut dependency? Sounds about right.

Though I love me some deep-fried dough, when making donuts at home, I stick to baked. Baked donuts are easier to make and clean up, less guilt-inducing, and leave my apartment smelling like a heavenly bakery instead of a Long John Silver’s.

I’ve been rather inspired by a lot of people I’ve been following on Instagram lately- particularly those who document urban living and quiet mornings in their favourite coffee shop… Documenting every picturesque breakfast complete with a good read, matcha latte, and of course, an artisanal warm and delicious handcrafted fluffy donut.  I immediately went online to look for a place where I can pick up some artisanal donuts in unique flavours.  I mean how hard could that be right?

Days and weeks passed by and I was continuously tortured by the sight of delicious doughnuts on my Instagram feed. That was until one day I thought enough was enough! Time to get cookin!

You have probably noticed that I try to bake oil-free whenever I can, but I am not opposed to using a little bit of oil in my cooking occasionally and these donuts are so worth the indulgence. You might think orange, olive oil and donuts are a strange combination but it works. It works so well!

The orange flavour totally shines through, even against the oil. I absolutely the love the fruity pungency with the zesty orange. There is something almost sophisticated about it….

Sophisticated donuts? Humour me….It’s as close to sophisticated as I’ll ever get…😜 As well as giving great flavour, the oil adds incredible moistness. The baked donuts are perfectly light, airy and moist. They also smell fantastic! When I was shooting the photos it was intoxicating!

The donuts are pretty awesome on their own, but in my world they only know one language: glazed. Dunk or drizzle. The choice is yours but whatever way you do it prepare to get messy!


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