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Creamy Mushroom Pasta

Recently, I’ve been all about the carbs. but hey, just because I’ve been watching my gluten intake doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a hearty plate of pasta, amiriteeee!

Pasta is one of my default meals that I fall back on when I haven’t got anything else planned up my sleeve. Once you have stocked up your kitchen with all the pasta basics, dishes like this can be whipped up lickety-split. The beauty of it all is that a quick dish of pasta is just as gratifying as a more complex recipe, so it’s easy to satisfy your significant other, kids, friends and yourself with this quick fix.

This is one of my favourite meals that I’ve made quite a lot since I started going plant-based. I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to photograph it and get it on the blog. It consists of a creamy herb-y mushroom sauce on a bed of spaghetti or tagliatelle and it is so delicious. No one believes it’s vegan when I make it for them because it’s so creamy and rich. Heaven.

Mushroom spaghetti with a creamy sauce? Okay, this is capital L-O-V-E on so many levels. This is the perfect “we-have-no-food” food.

Even when our fridge is at its emptiest and our grocery shopping procrastination level is at its highest (so, basically every day of my life), I just about always have the stuff on hand to make this vegan creamy mushroom pasta.

I know – technically, this dish is a good fit for #meatlessmonday. It is a nice way to change up spaghetti and make it something a little more veg-friendly and, um, what’s the word? Gahhhh?

But when we’re talking about butter and garlic soaked mushrooms tossed with herbs and coated in a creamy sauce all served up on steaming hot pasta – ♡♡♡ – let’s get real, that, my friends, does not need a meatless Monday. In my world, that can happen any day of the week. Oh mushrooms, I love you in all your different shapes and sizes.

But the beauty of this creamy mushroom pasta is that it doesn’t even necessarily have to be creamy mushroom pasta – you can substitute anything you have on hand to make it a complete dish. No mushrooms? No worries! Just make the sauce and toss in some broccoli or spinach or whatever else you’ve got. No pasta? Order takeout. Carbs are non-negotiable. (Kidding. Sort of). Treat yo’ self.

This is not a new conversation around here, but I always feel the need to let you guys know: I haven’t always been a mushroom lover.

Something happened to me a year or two into the food blogging game that made me go from a mushroom h8er 4 lyfe to a professional mushroom eater. I’m, like, 90% sure that that something involved butter and garlic and herbs in a sizzling hot skillet that also happened to contain a few mushrooms? But whatevs. All that matters is that now I’m on the other side of the fence.

Now that the weather is pretty chilly, this is my kind of dinner recipe. It is quick to toss together, which is the beauty of pasta, but is also so yummy, satisfying, and very drool worthy. It is like my make believe Italian grandma whipped up dinner in under 20 minutes and then called me to come over for some pasta and a glass of wine! Goals right?? Oh come on girl can dream, can’t she? Buon appetito fellows!


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