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Creamy Oats with Maple Caramelised Bananas

Alright. Your morning oatmeal is about to get a complete makeover. What’s more comforting than a warming bowl of oatmeal? Nothing beats a warm comforting oatmeal with maple caramelised banana for breakfast🥣I I love how the caramelised bananas bring a lovely sweetness to this dish, while the hint of cinnamon and vanilla give this breakfast a homely feel.

I’ve explained before that the way I eat breakfast changes from season to season. Well, really the way I eat everything changes from season to season, but breakfast seems to somehow to show the starkest contrast between the hot and cold weather here in Singapore. This involves not only in going from having something cool that requires minimal preparation in the heat, to something hot that might require some oven or stove use in the cold weather, but also in the flavours, textures and feel of the meal itself. If granola and yogurt is my ultimate look-forward-to-warm-weather breakfast, this is my ultimate look-forward-to-cool-weather breakfast. It’s hot, comforting, sweet, and densely packed with macronutrients. In plain speak that means loaded with calories. That’s okay. This isn’t my every day breakfast. It’s a special one, for really cold days, days where I need something indulgent, or, as was the case here, days when I need some energy. On this particular day it got me up a mountain.

As I’ve mentioned before, I hate cleaning things. So the first time I made this recipe (with bananas only), I was convinced that I could just caramelize the banana in the saucepan – and therefore not have to clean a skillet. Wrong! There were too many banana slices for the saucepan, so they were all on top of each other and turned into one mass of banana goo. Hmmm, me and my stupid laziness!

There are a bunch of things I like about this oatmeal, but at the top of the list is the no-refined-sugar thing. Don’t get me wrong – this can be as sweet as you want it to be (hi sweeeeet!), and with those already-sweet banana pieces simmering in oil and real maple syrup cinnamon glaze, they are going to get real sweet. In a caramelis-y type way that is almost other-worldly.

Drizzle it with maple syrup and you may as well call it quits for the day. Because nothing will beat this dish until you wake up tomorrow and serve it again! It's a completely tranquil dish that requires only eating, sleeping and eating again. The taste is simply magical for a seemingly boring breakfast staple. It tastes like dessert, smells like heaven and feels like breakfast victory! Seriously, I could eat this creamy oats with maple caramelised bananas for dessert. I have always loved bananas. To the point where I need one everyday, or I'm a terror to be around (heaven forbid you take the last banana in the fruit basket)! They don't call me fruityemz for nothing!

Not only is the oats cooked in creamy almond milk, but the bowl is drizzled with gooey almond butter and then sprinkled with nuts. The combination of the almond butter and crunch, along side the caramelised banana and oaty base is pure zen. It is like a whole new more classy look/taste for our basic bananas, and you are going to never want to eat a banana any other way after tasting this natural caramel candy!

On weekdays, I don’t really think too much about breakfast…I either have warm oatmeal or cold overnight oats…It doesn’t get more complicated than that. Now, the oatmeal toppings on the other hand, that’s where you can make or break your oatmeal! I’ve heard too many people talk about how they can’t eat oatmeal because it’s so bland and unappealing. Well, this oatmeal recipe is a great way to introduce oatmeal to a non-believer. Also, aside from the fact that they can take on any flavour, oats are full of heart healthy fibre to keep you full for hours while also keeping your cholesterol in check. Yet another reason to add oatmeal to your breakfast routine.


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