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Creamy Pumpkin Mac n' Cheese in Homemade Bread Bowl

Are you guys ready for this? Because things are about to get real comfy up in here. This macaroni is like a big blanket, just waiting to snuggle with you. It is creamy, cheesy, and a little smoky with a hint of savoury pumpkin flavour. I'm definitely going to cozy up with these vegan mac n' cheese in my homemade bread bowl. And I’m going to be honest here. When I make mac and cheese, it is the mac to cheese ratio that i’m most concerned about. I love it when the mac n’ cheese is oeey gooey and the cheese sauce is just so creamy. Gimmeeeeee!

A few years ago I was surrounded by a group of people who made fun of (among other things) pumpkin spice lattes and the “basic girls” who liked them. I totally caved into this peer pressure, and deemed myself anti-pumpkin. But now being surrounded by amazing friends, I finally feel free to be myself (seriously). And I realised…. I love pumpkin!! In our house we have pumpkin candles, pumpkin coffee, and even a soap dispenser shaped like a pumpkin holding pumpkin cinnamon soap. And I love it!!! So here’s to unabashedly expressing yourself, enjoying the things you like, and pumpkin everything.

No, it isn’t cheese…even though it kind of looks like it. Instead, it is a creamy, flavourful alternative to the dairy stuff that will leave you richly satisfied in your decision to leave the cows alone. Therefore, may I introduce you to not-real-cheese-but-still-delicious-creamy-yellow-sauce-over-macaroni?? oOkay, that’s just way too cumbersome. Whatevs. Call it “cheese.” There is absolutely nothing I love more than “cheese”. And when you add pasta to it? Fuggetaboutit.

In this healthier take on mac and cheese, pumpkin stands in for the heavy cream, cutting way back on the calories and fat while giving you over 200% of your daily requirement for Vitamin A! I used to think that I should always be eating salads or smoothies because they’re “healthy” food. But I never felt good after putting something cold into my already cold body in the chilly weather. Nowadays, I am more in tune with my body’s cues so when it’s cold out and I feel like I need something warming, I give my body what it’s craving like this vegan pumpkin mac and cheese.

If you’re skeptical about a macaroni and cheese recipe without actual cheese, rest assured, you won’t be disappointed. This vegan version is way better than any dairy-laced version I remember from my pre-veggie days. Even if you’re avoiding refined carbs like pasta (sad), I still recommend making this cheese sauce because it’s outrageously delicious and versatile. You can drizzle it over roasted veggies, or better yet, sweet potato fries for grain-free nachos. You can spread it on a crusty hunk of bread (there I go again with carbs) or toss it with spiralised veggie noodles for a light yet creamy dinner. Or, if you love pasta but are gluten-free, just toss it with your favourite pasta.

And that, my friends, is as far as got with photographing this bowl of yumminess before I starting eating it. Sometimes, you just can’t wait any longer, you know? Can I just eat it out of the pan like a bachelor?


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