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One Pot Creamy Pumpkin & Sage Pasta

Updated: Sep 23, 2018

If you’re a fan of savoury pumpkin food, this is for you. The earthy, rich flavour of the pumpkin and the astringent, almost pine like flavour of the sage are so perfect together. If ever two ingredients were meant to be a couple, these two are it. Vegan Pumpkin Pasta is all I have on my mind now that it is officially September. It is pumpkin time.

It is hard to believe that fall is coming! Just yesterday it was all about ice cream and light salads and now pumpkins are everywhere. I love the pumpkin season! And I haven’t been able to shake the idea of pumpkin pasta from my mind since I spotted the first pumpkins at the grocery store. Friends, let’s make some creamy, dreamy vegan pumpkin & sage pasta!

Featuring pumpkin puree and fresh sage, this seasonal dish offers an unexpected twist on traditional pasta sauce. Since I usually associate pumpkin with sweet and spicy baked goods, I was a bit hesitant to use it in a savoury meal, but surprisingly, it’s rich and creamy that pairs perfectly with the pasta! This creamy pumpkin pasta is a showcase of how beautifully pumpkin can play with savoury flavours.

Another nice thing about preparing creamy pumpkin pasta using the one pot method is that the sauce comes out TRULY creamy. I see a lot of vegan cashew-based versions of this dish and I just don’t think there’s any comparing to the creaminess produced by cooking the sauce and pasta together. This sauce coats the pasta perfectly and is a lot lower fat, no cashews required! Despite being fairly healthy, and pretty darn cheap and lazy, my one pot vegan pumpkin pasta is a gourmet-tasting dish that I’m confident you will love!

I’ve been sitting on this recipe forever. More than a year! Eek! As luck would have it, and as often happens, I hated the photos. So I planned to do a reshoot and it just never happened. The next thing I knew it was spring and nobody cared about pumpkin anymore. (Well, I did, but I kept it to myself because I didn’t want to spoil all the enthusiasm for asparagus and strawberries). So here we are, it’s chilly again, and hey, right on time this year I managed to squeeze in a shoot for some creamy vegan pumpkin pasta.

In any event, I didn’t mind remaking this one at all. It’s delicious and pasta with creamy, savoury pumpkin sauce is exactly what’s needed this time of year if you ask me. Some sage adds just the right earthy flavours to complement the pumpkin. Oh, and another bonus: reshooting this now gave me the chance to put my still developing photography skills to work.

And guys, can you believe it that for years and I mean years I would not give pumpkin a chance. tried it once, hated it and I was done. For years pumpkins were solely reserved for halloween – for carving or just for decoration. I would not go anywhere near a pumpkin related recipe. How sad is that? How could I be such a close minded food fanatic?! I needed to give pumpkin another chance years ago! All that wasted time not eating delicious pumpkins recipes! Sigh!


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