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Curried Falafel BBQ Jackfruit Tacos

Who needs take-outs when I can make perfectly delicious falafels at home? Oh carnitas, these vegan curried falafel BBQ jackfruit tacos are the delicious designer tacos everyone is raving about. The word “carnita” literally means “little meats”- how fitting! It is a traditional Mexican cuisine made by simmering pork in lard until tender, usually about 3-4 hours until it simply falls apart. This Mexican favourite has now become the king of the taco truck and my mission to recreate it is now complete.

We all love falafel and we all love curries, so I thought why not combine them?! Homemade falafel is one of my most favourite homemade Meatless Monday dishes. It is incredibly versatile – much like hummus, chickpeas are a fantastic base for a plethora of flavours. You can get creative with your herbs and spices, and the dipping options are endless!

Another stress-busting plus to this recipe? Falafel are easy to make in big batches – freeze them, or have easy to transport leftovers for lunch the rest of the week! They’re delicious atop greens or rice, or can be tucked into a gluten-free wrap or pita. Don’t forget to dip!

I know that the falafel served at restaurants are perfectly shaped spheres of delectable delights. I didn’t want to deep fry my falafels, so I baked them, hence their flattened form. Healthiness comes first, right?

I may have eaten three falafels while photographing these, but don’t tell anyone! It would be cruel and unusual punishment for me if I had to photograph the falafels without having couple of them. Besides, I needed some fuel before my evening workout. Yes, I can always come up with excuses to eat more. HAHAHA!

If you don't know what jackfruit is, it is a tropical fruit native to South Asia. While the mature fruit has a sweet flavour, the young, unripe fruit is savoury with a slightly tangy flavour and meaty mouthfeel.  If I had to compare it to something, I would say that the flavour reminds me of artichokes. It is extremely versatile and takes on the flavours of the spices and ingredients that it’s cooked with. It can be used in a wide variety of dishes such as Indian curries, tacos and pulled “pork” sandwiches. I was amazed by the texture of the jackfruit, which looks just like pulled pork when you shred it with a fork.

World, meet falafel. Falafel, meet your eaters. We are now going to put on some fiesta music and cook up this amazing meat-free meat to create these “little meats”. These tacos are a perfect quick and easy weeknight meal, packed full of spices, with a squeeze of lime on top . Happy taco-ing!


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