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Double Chocolate Banana Bread Donuts

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Question: is it donut, or doughnut? I think both are technically correct, and it’s a matter of preference. The Huffington Post tells me doughnut is the preferred spelling in the literary world, but in the world of the internets, donut reigns. Good enough for me. Whichever way you spell it, you won’t see me turning one down anytime soon. It’s been awhile since I shared a new donut recipe, hasn’t it? To all donuts and banana breads lovers out there, I’ve got the perfect recipe for you, whether you are vegan or not. By the way, I do not believe that vegan food should be exclusively for vegan people. Everyone should try it once in a while as it’s a great way to increase your plant-based products intake, which often results in a better consumption of fiber and vitamins as well. Last but not least, eating vegan is fun! Be open-minded and you will soon discover many new creative and delicious recipes.

I’d like to call these donuts my new favourite dessert, but really, they’re so light in oil and sugar that I figure, heck, why limit them to one category?! Soft, light, fluffy, baked banana bread flavoured donuts are dipped into a rich chocolate-y ganache and topped with your favourite toppings for a scrumptious, but healthier, start to your day. My best friend and I went a little crazy over these donuts. Can you blame us? I mean can you handle that silky smooth dark chocolate glaze??!?!! We’ll get to that in a minute. first, the donuts. They taste like little rings of banana bread. Oh goodness! These donuts, you guys! All the chocolate…! I’ve been eating chocolate like it’s going out of style! I just can’t get enough of it. Do you have this problem, too? I feel like a lot of people can relate to getting the chocolate crazies! And if you can’t… well then maybe this vegan double chocolate banana bread donuts will tempt you just a wee little bit? Let it seduce you! I’ll be having a few with my coffee tomorrow, because that’s just how I roll. Donuts for breakfast! I dare you.

Banana donuts are good. Vegan banana donuts…better. Vegan banana donuts dipped in rich chocolate glaze and topped with my favourite toppings, oh my goodness?? Oh yes. Get ready for a decadent sweet vegan treat! Unlike the chocolate frosted donuts of my childhood, I now prefer donuts that won’t turn my body into a big fat donut. So I bake my own! A banana bread version was kind of a no brainer since I have a well documented and intense love for banana bread. Plus, I had tons of my most favourite fruit that were threatening to turn into big brown squishy homes for pesky fruit flies. I acted quickly and voila! Healthy, vegan banana bread donuts. I think if the category “most fun food in all the land,” existed in a dictionary, donuts would have to take it. As a cake/cupcake fanatic myself, there’s something about donuts that is just so playful, nostalgic and downright fun.

While I wouldn’t go so far as to say these scrumptious donuts are a “beauty food” that you should eat every day, they are much more nutritious than your average donut and lacking in the usual beauty offenders (oil, sugar, dairy). What they are not lacking in is flavour, and they make such a yummy breakfast, snack, or treat. I fully believe in having a fun treat every now and then, and who doesn’t love a chocolate-dipped donut? I love how silky smooth and shiny the glaze is on these donuts! The glaze sets as they cool, but if you eat one with warm melty glaze on it, I’m willing to bet there aren’t many things on this earth that are better!


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