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Healthy Loaded Nachos

Happy Friday, friends! What better way to celebrate the beginning of a weekend than with these healthy loaded nachos, am I right?! Sometimes life delivers deadlines, graduations, meetings, and just generally too much to do all in the same day. It’s enough to make a person want to kick back with some comfort food. That, my friends, is what these healthy loaded nachos are all about.

Ahh nachos… How can anyone resist them? That perfection of each chip gloriously basked in beans, cheese and salsa. Its like heaven on earth right? Well the bad news here is we all know that nachos are typically loaded with fat, grease, animal byproducts and lots of other nasty stuff… Trans fats anyone?

But guess what? Ive got good news as well! What if you could still have nachos? What if there was a nacho recipe that was so healthy, you could eat it everyday, and it would actually be good for you!? Thats right, I said good for you. Well my friends, today all your dreams have come true. I present to you the these vegan nachos. They are high carb, low fat & made from all whole foods! Yes, I am a genuis… But you can praise me another time. Are you ready to make them?

If you’ve been a follower of mine for any length of time you’ll know that I absolutely love making-over unhealthy dishes so they’re lower in fat and calories, but just as delicious! These healthy nachos are my new favourite way to get my veggies in while still enjoying a delicious snack.

OMG. These nachos. They blew my mind and you need them in your life, too. So, yeah, these are definitely not your everyday “everything from a can” nachos. They do require a little work, but they are so worth it! Hey, they’re veggies! So that makes the whole platter of nachos healthy. Maybe.

We do not make nachos at home very much at all, but we used to order them when we’re out, which, is not often anymore. But back when we used to go out to eat a lot, amazing-sounding nachos on an appetiser menu was a must-order. They are the best loaded up with tons of delicious toppings, and these supreme loaded nachos seriously take it over the top. I haven’t actually had very many vegan nachos in my life because iI never order them at restaurants due to my oft-mentioned not-a-fan-of daiya thing. I’m always living in fear that it will show up on something I order. Always.

Not only are these easy nachos quick to make, and a perfect game day food, but clean up is quick an easy. This is one of those dishes that you don’t have to worry about getting the measurements just right, it’s a throw it all together and enjoy type of thing. When I’m entertaining, I love the throw it together kind of recipes. Who doesn’t like a good nacho recipe? I certainly do. This is a much healthier recipe when compared to conventional nachos that are traditionally filled with fatty meat and dairy cheese. So fear not, omnivore friends, this is a plant-based nacho recipe, that’s full of flavour.

If you’ve ever wondered how to make utterly fantastic loaded nachos at home, this is your one-stop-shop and ultimate guide for all things nachos. Your friends will beg you to make these over and over again, guaranteed. This recipe is so delicious, simple and undetectably vegan. There is something magical about the saltiness of a tortilla chip paired with a fresh, chunky salsa and this creamy, dreamy vegan cheese sauce. It’s like a flavour bomb – you simply don’t want to miss out.

Do I even need to explain why this is my new favourite recipe? I mean, hello: loaded. vegan. nachos. Yes, yes, and absolutely yes. I'm doing happy dances right now. I love nachos. The funny thing about my love for nachos is that I didn’t even really realise how much I loved them until I became plant-based. I would go to clubs with friends, browse the menu, and then crave the nachos that I couldn’t have. I didn’t crave the cows cheese, I just wanted that familiar, gooey, finger food, fun that goes so well with a pint. Omnomnom clubbing night.

My secret to nacho perfection? Layering! Because there’s nothing more frustrating than sad chips with no toppings. And, finally, my last two cents on nacho making is: Serve your nachos immediately after baking and assembling them. As much as I love nachos, there is one thing I won’t touch: soggy nachos!


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