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KFC Inspired Vegan Shroom Burger

Updated: May 24, 2018

Burger fan? Me too! Have you seen anything more yummy than these vegan shroom burger? Oh Em Gee! They taste as good as they look. For reals. I don't usually call my recipes 'the best', but sometimes you just got to make eceptions, especially when they are as amazing as these shroom burgers!

A few days ago, I brought home some mushrooms but then kinda sorta forgot about them for a few days. I got side tracked with other things to make that when I "re-found" them, I was tickled pink! Since my tummy was on the fritz and hating most meats, I figured it was the perfect timing to make these veganised epic KRC inspired shrooms burger.

If there's one thing I love about veggie burgers, it would be everything. The good ones are delicious, hearty, messy, ridiculously satisfying and best served with a side of fries. If there is a vegan veggie burger on the menu, I'm ordering it, end. of. story. If there is one thing I don't like about veggie burgers, it is the whole making them from scratch. Making veggie burgers is not difficult, but there is a certain amount of effort required to make sure the ingredients bind together. Very finely chopping the veggies is the first crucial step to making a veggie patty that won't fall apart, but unfortunately, teeny-tiny veggies is both time-consuming and boring.

And you're gonna wanna make this mushroom sauce again, I guarantee it. You'll be wanting to just whip it up and dip your fries in it, dip your veggies in it, eat it on toast, eat it on crackers and even eat it with a spoon! Just eat it. A lot.

But yeah, as I was saying, the flavour profile on these veggie patties are incredible. Mushrooms are beefy and meaty in texture. They mimic beef/steak. And by adding in the other seasonings, these taste like beef. I literally was blown away by these

What's funny is I'd tell my friends that the patty is all veggies and then a few guys would argue with me saying "It can't be as it tastes like beef! There has to be beef in there!" but I would just shake my head no over and over again. So yeah, if you can get people arguing with you over a veggie burger tasting so much like beef that they question if it is really veggies, then you've created something pretty amazing!

To bring these delightful patties from mere tastiness to full-blown veggie burger deliciousness, I recommend you serve them with a healthy dose of vegan mayo, crisp green leaf lettuce, a slab of tomato, melted vegan cheese, red onion rings, sliced dill pickles, and a squiggle each of ketchup and mustard. Oh! And don't forget the fries! Enjoy!


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