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Mango & Coconut Panna Cotta

Ever tire of the same old desserts? Don’t get me wrong, I love cheesecake and tiramisu as much as the next person. But sometimes we all need some new foodie experiences to inspire us, and this mango & coconut panna cotta will do just that! The tartness of the mango balances perfectly with the creamy panna cotta.

If you’ve never tried panna cotta before, you’re going to love it. It’s like eating a creamy smooth jello. It has a solid consistency with a soft bite to it. So forget the fancy names, grab a spoon and let’s dig in. When you eat it, you will automatically transported to a tropical island. So refreshing and flavourful.

In this recipe, mango is not the star but it is a very tasty supporting player. The layer of mango adds a tart and sweet dimension. You can skip it if you don’t have any mango or you can use a different fruit if you hate mangoes. (Who the heck hates mangoes?)

Panna cotta is my all-time favourite dessert. However, this traditional Italian dessert, which literally translates to "cooked cream" is not very forgiving for sensitive foodies looking for gluten and dairy free recipes, or discerning whole foodies who don't want to coat-check their colons when they indulge in a sweet treat. This simple little vegan panna cotta take minutes to prepare and hits the spot for a summer dessert that the whole family can enjoy.

Mangoes give me life! I feel like they are my birth right. Where I was born, mango trees are plentiful. In my family village you will trip over mangoes if you don’t look where you are going.

Mangoes have just been so fantastically wonderful this year. Super sweet, with a hint of musk and a fragrant softness, the kind of fruit that you find yourself hunched over the kitchen sink eating, juices running to your elbows. Normally that’s me with summer peaches, one of the few fruits I really get excited about, but this year I couldn’t find a decent peach for love nor money. If I had a dollar for every dry, tasteless, too-hard stone fruit I’d tried this summer, I’d probably be half way to Vegas by now.

So, Coconut Mango Panna Cotta. This is the kind of dessert that is right up my alley. No cook — because warming coconut milk doesn’t count! — creamy, fruity and simple as all get out. No baking, weighing, rolling, kneading or fiddly bits required. When fruit is as decadently delicious as it gets, there’s really no need to gussy it up too much.

Not only is the taste spot on for these panna cotta, but I needed a home run this week. Trying recipes and making new food has been a disaster these past few days. That’s the life of a food blogger, you have good recipe days and other days you want to quit. developing recipes is sometimes like playing mad scientist. You need to calculate ratios, flavours, textures, etc. Luckily this one hits it out of the park and I’m so proud on how they came out. When you take a spoonful you will get creamy tangy mango with a creamy coconut topping. All in all, it’s a flavour explosion in your mouth.


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