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Mango Lassi Popsicles

These vegan mango lassi popsicles make the perfect healthy and refreshing treat for summer! They take less than 10 minutes to prepare and only use 5 ingredients! Mango is a wonderful fruit that freezes easily into a deliciously smooth, melt in the mouth texture without having to do much to it at all. All you need are some very ripe mangoes because the riper they are, the sweeter they will be, and you can avoid unnecessary sweeteners.

I have a serious love affair with mangos. They are so creamy, satisfying and naturally sweet (and super healthy)! The creamy-smooth texture and the buttery-tart flavour sends me into a euphoric state. Therefore there could be no better treat in my mind, than one that involves sweet ripe mangoes and the flavours of India that I’ve grown to love.

This recipe for these popsicles is a twist on the traditional Indian drink. You’ve probably had or at least heard of a mango lassi – those sweet mango and yogurt drinks you can find at your favorite Indian restaurants. Did you know that mango lassi is a milkshake type of drink that’s made with a blend of mangos, milk and yogurt? While different in texture and ingredient deck to a kulfi, lassi’s have a similar flavour while lending themselves to be lightened up and turned into popsicle form. These popsicles take all the best elements of a mango lassi but are made completely dairy-free.

I have always been a fan of fruit-based popsicles. Mango is one of my favourite fruits for ice cream, because it’s tart, thick once pureed (aka. will produce a slightly less icy popsicle, particularly if you don’t want to add additional sugar!), and holds up well to freezing.

I also knew that I wanted some sort of yogurt base to give it a bit of natural creaminess. The layered effect makes them more of a deconstructed mango lassi, but the name stuck.

What could be more satisfying than a Mango Lassi? These Mango Lassi Homemade Popsicles are just right for beating the summer heat! I spent a good couple of months brainstorming popsicle recipes and going back and forth between ideas. I’m going to be completely honest, I was very tempted to make something complicated. It was going to involve several different steps.

But ultimately, I kept coming back to this…it’s a dang popsicle. Popsicles are, by definition, fun and low-maintenance. They’re eaten on a stick for god’s sake. Let’s face it, I’m (and therefore, you are!) much more likely to prepare homemade pops on a regular basis if the recipe is simple and can be prepared with minimal fuss and clean-up. These mango lassi popsicles are just that: straight-forward and made with real, good-for you ingredients.

These pops are magic in the mouth. They’re:

1. Creamy

2. Cold

3. Naturally sweet

4. Slightly tart

5. Mega fruity

6. Loaded with health benefits

7. Totally share-worthy

8. Perfect for warmer weather

The first time I made popsicles at home, I really struggled to get my popsicles to come out of the mould. Looking back I probably should have just googled it before giving it a go on my own. I left the popsicles on the counter and tried just waiting for them to defrost enough…until they defrosted too much and I had pretty melty popsicles. Needless to say, it didn’t go so well. I wish I had known this super simple trick then!

To make your popsicles come out of the mould easily, either run them under hot water in the sink for 30-60 seconds or place the mould in a large bowl of hot water for 30 seconds. Remove the popsicles from the water and gently tug on the popsicle stick. They should pop right out! If they don’t, just run them under the hot water for a little bit longer. Once removed, I like to store them in a large freezer bag and put them back in the freezer.

So dust off your popsicle molds! Make space in your freezer (hides head in shame) because popsicle season has begun! I know, I know you can totally eat popsicles year round, but in my brain I feel like it’s only ok to do it when it’s hot outside.


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