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Matcha Pistachio Loaf

Green bread is so much more fun than just plain bread, don’t you think? The clouds part, and a chorus of angles sing as a picture of this vegan matcha pistachio loaf appears. 🎶 “Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh” 🎶 Too dramatic? Hahaha never! But seriously, does this or doesn’t this loaf look heavenly. It does. It really does. Make me some match latte and serve me a slice of this loaf and you just found my happy place. It is moist, sweet, and I love how every now and then you get a tart taste of matcha or a crunch of pistachio.

Bread-making to me, is very satisfying. Sure it is arduous, and yes there are a lot of steps and waiting period, but I can assure you it is all worthwhile in the end. The kitchen smelt so so good when I took the bread fresh out of the oven. It not only smelt great, its texture was also to-die-for.

I don’t know about you, but I’m all about matcha. From matcha cookies, to crepe cakes, pancakes, bark, rice crispy treats, and even a cocktail, I love all things matcha! I love baking with matcha so I always try to create a matcha flavoured something when I come across a new recipe I like. I thought rather than doing a fully matcha roll, it’d be nice to do a matcha mixed with regular white bread.

I have been adding matcha green tea powder to various treats I bake over the past year, and I can’t believe it has taken me so long to add it to bread. Bread by itself is pretty incredible, but adding matcha powder adds a level of flavour that you will need to try. If you have wondered how to use matcha in your baking and cooking, it is important to know that matcha comes in many grades of quality.

You can find ceremonial varieties of matcha, and even culinary grade matcha.  Ceremonial green tea means it is a high quality and is appropriate for the tea ceremony. Culinary grade matcha is a little less defined as it is a newer term. I have found it is ground very fine and I highly recommend using a culinary grade matcha powder because it ensures your baking is not grainy!

The healing ability of Matcha green tea powder puts you in a calm, relaxed state of mind and helps give you a boost all day long. It also sharpens your memory, creativity, and focus while reducing stress. Although it soothes, it doesn’t make you drowsy—and although it gives you energy, it won’t cause you to “crash” the way caffeine does. (This is why so many coffee drinkers are beginning to prefer Matcha.) More bonuses: Matcha green tea powder fights diseases like cancer, and burns fat. And besides all that, this matcha pistachio loaf is easy, it’s healthy, and it’s delicious! Plus, it goes perfectly with matcha green tea.

This loaf is sure to be a prize winner for your friends and family for any time of day- breakfast, dessert, afternoon snack, midnight snack even. I know you’ll love it!

It’s absurdly easy, only 15 minutes to get the loaf into the oven and it only requires a handful of ingredients. You can mix this matcha pistachio loaf altogether in one single bowl – no mixer is needed! It’s easy prep and easy clean up! When you’re mixing it, the pistachio mixture kinda makes it look like something out of ghostbusters, but it definitely bakes up much more pretty.

Alright, I told you that it took under 15 minutes to get this into the oven, but the part that is always hardest is waiting the 40-50 minutes while the bread bakes in the oven. And the aroma that you get when this bread is baking?  Ahhh-mazing! It's the perfect compliment to a big mug of coffee or tea and a book on the couch!


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