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Mushroom and Walnut Bolognese

Hello to all bolognese lovers. This mushroom and walnut bolognese is so damn delicious, not even an omnivore would miss the meat in it. The combination of the chewy mushrooms and crunchy walnuts, seasoned with some different spices, are the perfect companion for your next pasta evening.

This vegan version isn’t your typical bolognese sauce. It’s not simmered for hours to make a dark, rich tomato sauce (though a splash of red wine wouldn’t go amiss!), but what the recipe lacks in colour, it makes up for in convenience – it only takes about 20 minutes to make!

The mushrooms give a bit of chewiness, and the coarsely ground walnuts make sure the mixture has a bit of bite. They’re cooked in with the tomatoes, so they’re not completely crunchy, but definitely give you something to sink your teeth into.

I simply sliced and chopped the cremini mushrooms into different sizes and chop the walnuts into little pieces — these ingredients alone provide all the texture this hearty "bolognese" needs. The sauce is packed full of flavour thanks to the balanced mix of herbs, spices and condiments.

Apart from being really quick to make, it is also a great freezer-friendly recipe that constantly saves our butts whenever we work late and don't feel like cooking.

Like many families, spaghetti bolognese was a staple in our house growing up and after making this plant based walnut mushroom ‘meat’ for the first time a few months back, I could hardly contain my excitement. Eureka! This was the familiar bolognese of my youth! Not only was it a traditional family favourite, but this delicious version is made with kinder, healthier ingredients and I honestly don’t think anyone would know the difference.

This vegan mushroom walnut bolognese recipe does the trick! The mushrooms and walnuts play off each other to create some semblance of ground beef, and the flavors do not disappoint. Whether you are plant-based or a meat-eater, give this sauce a try and your heart and tummy will be happy, too.

I just finished eating this and I loved it!!! My new favourite veggie bolognese! In my pre-plant-based days, I used to love a good bowl of spaghetti bolognese, but I haven’t really found a non-meat recipe that I was more than “meh, I ‘spose that was okay”…. until now! Even the carnivores in my family said it was good, and they were rather sceptical before eating it!

I've got to admit it. As much as I love vegan food, there's one thing I do miss: the smell of a slow-cooked bolognese sauce filling the apartment on a cold day. It's one of my favourite parts of the season. It's not that I love the meatiness per se. It's not necessarily about the contrast between the cold outside and the warmth within. It's not even really about getting to eat the sauce that evening. What it's about is that smell being a constant reminder to you that you are in the middle of a project, the middle of creating something great. It's a good feeling to have, knowing that you're being productive.

Oh and I'm getting a head start on my number one new year’s resolution this year. In 2019, I want my family to start cooking mostly plant-based meals during the week and of course, eat more veggies.


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