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Mushroom, Sun-dried Tomato & Spinach Quiche

This vegan quiche is sure to satisfy at your next brunch. If you’re a little short on time, by all means, buy the crust! Pre-packaged vegan pie crusts can be found in the freezer section of your local health food store. If you can’t find them, just make a crustless quiche by using a lightly greased 9 inch pie pan.

Speaking of crust, I’m really happy with this one. It’s a nontraditional choice for a quiche–not flakey or buttery, but rather quite sturdy. What it lacks in authenticity I think it makes up for with wholesome and pleasantly nutty flavour. And it gets bonus points for ease: after you whip it up in a food processor, you can press it into a pan and be on your way.

Are you a quiche person? If you are you’re going to love this vegan mushroom, sun-dried tomato and spinach quiche. Even if you eat eggs, this is a great alternative if you’re trying to limit your dairy consumption. Quiche is one of my favourite brunch recipes, but it also makes a great dinner. Pair it with a healthy green salad and you’ve got a well-balanced and satisfying dinner. However, if you really want these savoury breakfast treats to taste more eggy, I would recommend adding 1/8 tsp of Black Salt (Kala Namak) to the recipe, as it has the same sulfuric flavour of eggs. Heads up: it’s not really black, it has more of a pinkish-purple hue!

I’m not going to lie, I was really nervous about trying to make a vegan quiche. Would I be able to get the texture right? Would it be firm like an egg filling? Would it taste like the quiche I used to make? The more I thought about it the more intimidating it seemed. All I can say is thank God for tofu y’all. It’s truly a magical ingredient. And I can’t say enough about flax seed as an egg replacer for savoury dishes, it’s the best. Needless to say, all of my worrying was for nothing, because this vegan mushroom, sun-dried tomato and spinach quiche is quite tasty.

Don’t be afraid of making this just because it has a fancy French name! It’s actually so easy. Believe or not, I’m definitely a savoury > sweet person. I could definitely live without dessert as long as I had super hearty, satisfying meals. I know some of you chocoholics right now are like what? Blasphemy. But it’s true. Even though I love my smoothie bowls, fruity oats, and the occasional vanilla cake (recipe coming soon!), my tastebuds would much rather something savoury. Give me a comforting meal and I’ll be one happy girl.

Lately I have really not been into sweet stuff that much. But now I have to find savoury options for meal time – especially breakfast and snacks. Most of my breakfasts are usually sweet like smoothies or oatmeal, but lately avocado toast has been calling my name. Well, let’s be honest, when is it not?

Okay, now about this vegan quiche… I don’t know your life, but I do know that you kind of probably definitely need this in it. Please – for me. And you. And your tastebuds.

If you’re like me and craving some savoury goodness for breakfast, you definitely need to try out this vegan quiche! I also love eating it for every other meal so… it’s basically the perfect recipe. This quiche is #goals.


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