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Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

One of my favourite things in the world are classic chocolate chip cookies. I love the delightful combination of cookie dough and chocolate with its crisp, golden brown edges and soft chewy middle. These cookies are the only…and I mean only…way homemade cookies could get any better!

Oreos bring back such happy, carefree memories of childhood. You could dunk ’em, pull them apart and eat the creme first or just sit around with friends and devour them in one bite! A cookie within a cookie is pretty much the best invention ever. Why didn’t I think of that a long time ago? Monstrous chocolate chip cookies surrounding my favourite store-bought cookie in the entire world and worst weakness of all time, the oreo.

These cookies are amazing! I’ve been meaning to make something like this for forever because, surprise, Oreos are vegan! It took me a couple of tries, but the reward is these perfectly soft and chewy, crisp-at-the-edges, chocolatey bites of heaven. So good! And the batch only makes about 10, which means you can make these without totally breaking the calorie bank. Unless you eat them all. In which case, my friend, I understand.

One of the happiest days of going dairy-free was the day that I learned oreos contained no dairy. What does that say about them? Well for one, there is not much natural to them... definitely would not consider these a health food! It also says to me, that once in a while it's a perfect treat for me. I have no control when it comes to oreos, and really most cookies. I generally keep them out of my house because if they are here, I eat them until they are gone and never feel good after.

See, I just don’t understand people who say vegan eating is hard. Because it’s really not! As long as you have some basic staples and substitutions, basically anything can be made vegan, including the classic chocolate chip cookies. The best vegan food is the kind that does not taste vegan, and I can tell you these definitely don’t!

So you know all those times you’re just like “wow I really can’t decide whether I want a crunchy sandwich biscuit or a crispy chewy cookie”, yeah I know, happens to me all the time too. Well, I’ve solved all your problems with the ultimate cookie inside a cookie, it’s cookie-ception up in here. Make these now and thank me later (you are welcome). Try not to eat them all at once.

The real magic comes in with that little secret oreo in the middle. It’s really easy to do, too! Just grab a big spoonful of cookie dough and flatten it out. Place the oreo in the center, and shape the cookie dough around it to cover. And – that’s it! Chill then bake, and you’ll be rewarded with these soft and gooey oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies!


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