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Pad Thai Style Tofu Satay Fried Rice

When it comes to dinner, stir-fry is a staple in our house. I know I’m in need of a good rest when I start making stir-fry for dinner every night, but it’s just the perfect healthy lazy-night meal! This tofu satay fried rice draws inspiration from Thai, Vietnamese, and Chinese cuisines. The tofu in this dish is marinated and grilled and holds up great on a skewer. The spicy-sweet peanut-y sauce is super flavourful and seriously satisfying when paired with pan-fried tofu.

Food on a stick! Need I say more? Why is it that food on a stick is extra scrumptious. And grill marks too. Grill marks make everything look more scrumptious. And then peanut butter sauce!! The most scrumptious of all. So naturally, you can assume that these 🥢Thai style tofu satay fried rice is scrumptious times 3.

Peanut butter. I could eat it with just about anything. with chocolate? Check. With noodles? Check. With tofu? Check!! If you love pad Thai, you will agree that these babies are so appetiser worthy. These tofu satay skewers are inspired by the classic pad Thai which is served as a main course. Now don’t they look absolutely heavenly? There’s just something about that crispy-saucy tofu thing 👌🏻

I do not have an outdoor grill but thoroughly enjoying grilling on my small panini grill. Not only are these grilled tofu skewers out of the world delicious, but they can also be mostly prepared ahead of time. The tofu can marinate in the fridge for up to 3 days, and the spicy peanut sauce can be made ahead and stored in the fridge as well. So all you have to do is grill the tofu up when you’re ready to serve. Easy peasy.

Grilled to perfection and mouth watering delicious, if you are anything like me, you like drenching your satay skewers in peanut butter sauce, then you will never want another grilled meal again. These have ruined me for all other kabob type meals! I was a little worried the peanut butter sauce would turn out too overwhelmingly peanut-y or cloying…However, mixed with a little zingy lime juice and umami-rich soy sauce, the peanut butter turns into an amazingly salty-sweet-sour, highly addictive, peanut sauce! And, adding this peanut sauce to the fried rice adds a lovely rich taste that perfectly flavours the rice and vegetables.

I hope you too fall madly in love with these tofu satay skewers with peanut sauce just like me. You can cook the tofu without the skewers, too, if you want. I used them here because I see this dish mostly as a finger food or appetiser. However you make them, I think you’ll be a fan.


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