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Peanut Butter Banana Donuts

Transitioning from something like dunkin’ donuts munchkins in secondary school to a lower-fat, lower-sugar, and plant-based version today has been a slow and thoughtful progression. It’ll be interesting to see how I’m eating a year from now, as my food preferences continue to evolve and I learn more about what feels right for me. For now though? I am absolutely loving these donuts. The banana and peanut butter combo is one of my favourites, and the frosting…I am such a sucker for good frosting. This is the kind of frosting I could eat by the spoonful. I definitely licked the frosting bowl clean.

For the first time in ages I’ve been at home for the whole weekend and I love it. It means I can cook and bake and try some new recipes. I’m really excited about these banana bread peanut butter donuts, they’re so good! Well, what could be better than banana bread and peanut butter?

Quick question: have you guys also noticed that donuts are having a major moment right now? I feel like literally every other picture I see on Instagram is some wildly beautiful donut, whether it’s drenched in sprinkles, covered in frosting, or stuck on top of a cake or milkshake.

First of all, it’s no secret I love making healthy, baked donuts. I’m not sure what it is about donuts, but they’re just a genuinely fun food. I think it’s probably the nostalgia they can bring back, memories of a super indulgent, sweet treat you don’t get all the time. Well now, we can have them more regularly in the form of baked, healthified, peanut butter chocolate donut heaven. These vegan peanut butter banana doughnuts with pb frosting are the best yet to have ever graced my kitchen, no question. How could they not be? Banana + peanut butter = automatic success.

I love taking traditional, fun desserts and making them vegan/healthy. As a result, donuts are a favourite for me. Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you give up everything you ever loved and eat grass. It simply means you make new discoveries with ingredients, play around until something works, and you have a delicious, fun, decadent final product that reminds you of all your good food memories, while eliminating the adverse health effects.

That got real deep real quick, but I’m so passionate about this! People think that being plant-based is a limitation, when it really opens your mind to things you’ve never tried, and through that process you realise how amazing you feel. And you get to eat donuts!! There’s your life lesson for the day, courtesy of vegan peanut butter donuts with chocolate glaze. In conclusion, bake some healthy doughnuts and feel incredible at the same time.

I thought this recipe would be helpful because if you are anything like me, you probably have a bunch of bananas finding their way to the bottom of the fruit bowl and going spotty. Maybe a little passed spotty to that place where they are too brown and soft to be enjoyable to eat, but not brown enough that you say the hell with it and throw them in the trash. And I know everyone else will just tell you to make banana bread, but these are just so much better. Let's dive in.


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