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Pumpkin Alfredo

Three words for you. Vegan Pumpkin Alfredo. that is all. Thank you and goodbye! No but really, I can’t even describe to you my magnitude of love I have for this pumpkin alfredo sauce. I’m not just talking good, I’m talking lick off the spoon kind of good. In fact, who needs the pasta in this dish? Just gimme a bowl of pumpkin alfredo sauce on its own. Because a bowl of sauce makes a perfectly acceptable dinner, right? Right.

Pumpkin and pasta might sound a little strange, but trust me, you're going to totally dig it. The pumpkin helps give the sauce an extra creaminess (sans cheese), but also adds a subtle sweetness that makes it super comforting.

This is one of those sauces that makes die-hard dairy fans go “this is vegan? really? there’s no cream in here? or butter? what? how!?” yeah. That’s right. And take it from someone who loves a good traditional alfredo sauce, this pumpkin alfredo is lyfe.

Aside from the sheer lack of time to cook complicated meals, I’m also finding that comfort eating has become a response to my stress. While I believe this is totally fine to some extent, I’m on an active search to find easy-to-make, comfort foods that provide a bit of nutrition as well. I’m no doctor or nutritionist, but any possibly natural mood boost is good by me…especially if it means devouring this pasta.

Quicker recipes, healthy but easy to enjoy, less dishes, less prep, simple food made with simple ingredients… all of these qualities are ones I’d like to use to describe what I’m making in our kitchen these days.

This pumpkin alfredo sauce really is a treat for a dairy-free Sunday kind of meal! Yep, I totally made up my own version of meatless Monday without the dairy. It is so unbelievably easy to make. It is creamy and rich, but our waistlines will be thanking us because there is no butter, cream, or cheese involved in this dish! We like to think of this as our go-to family mac and cheese-type comfort food but its a completely healthy dinner. Toss this creamy nutmeg and cinnamon sauce with gluten-free pasta and dinner is served!

Occasionally, I live in a disney fantasyland where candlesticks come to life and orchestrate the cleaning of my kitchen and prince charming actually texts me back. In reality, dishes are piling up in the sink and my phone is all too quiet. On the bright side, even though this pumpkin didn’t magically transform into a carriage, it did turn into the tastiest alfredo of my life. Alfredo sounds like he could be a charming character, doesn’t he?


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