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Purple Yam Bao with Mung Bean Filling

Updated: Jun 22, 2018

Traditional buns are something I have made for years, the filled and the unfilled versions. One of the reason I love steamed buns is because of the texture of the bread, it’s so soft and fluffy and because of the steam, the buns get a nice and smooth “skin".

Adding the purple yam to the dough makes the dough a little sweet and adds a nice colour to the buns, it also adds to the nutrition of these buns, they’re basically super foods now, just kidding, or am I? All jokes aside, my family loved these baos, and anytime a non vegan can’t deny the deliciousness of a vegan meal you know you did something right!

Until today, all my baos and breads are hand kneaded. I like to feel the softness of the dough and kneading them using hands will ensure you get the dough right. The end result will be a soft and fluffy bao/bun. How can anyone resist freshly made Chinese steamed buns that come in light purple and bordering pinkish hue? I spent some serious time in the kitchen, plus a huge dose of patience and finally took the plunge and make these babies. It was a success!! Verdict: these baos taste really good, soft fluffy texture, and most importantly, cannot suppress the smile as I bit into the soft fluffy purple buns 🙌🏻

To simplify the recipe I just made simple round balls, but you can play around with the design while closing the bun to create a more authentic look. You can also play around with the filling and even the colour of the dough by adding different natural food colourings. But no matter what you’ll do these bao buns will definitely have you asking for more!

The yam brings a really nice sweetness to the bread that I love. The buns are also super light and fluffy. You would think the yam would make them heavy but the texture is perfect. Plus, the mung bean filling aren't too sweet, which is a bonus! Whenever I cook with purple yams, I have to resist the urge to eat it all immediately after steaming. They have a subtle natural sweetness... I can eat them like pudding! I wish I had taken a photo of the purple yams before I peeled, steamed, and mashed them. But once you cut into them... put on your sunglasses... it's a beautiful vibrant purple inside. There is no food colouring used in these buns, just fresh purple yams. Seriously guys, these purple yam baos are ah-mazing! I see bread-making in my future.

I appreciate some readers sent in emails asking baking related questions and also sharing their experiences after using my recipes. To be precise, I'm a bit overwhelm by it. Who am I to guide them in their baking journey while myself still in the process of learning? I'm only a young girl who love to make baos using my hands.


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