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Rainbow Unicorn Sushi Rolls

If you think rainbow hair is amazing, you will fall in love with the latest food trend: Rainbow Unicorn Sushi Rolls. No, I'm not talking about the well-known rainbow roll topped with sashimi, I'm talking about sushi that combines all colours of the rainbow, also called unicorn or mermaid sushi. Don’t you love just how the colours bled into each other making these ‘almost’ too darn pretty to eat? They are so yummy that I would finish them all by myself!

If you’ve been following me for a while you might know that I like colourful and bright food, and this time I decided to go all out and make real rainbow sushi which has been on my to-do list for a while now. Of course no unicorns were harmed in the making of these colourful vegan sushi with rainbow vegetables !

Something undeniably magical is happening in the wellness world right now: unicorn food has taken over, and not only is it beautiful - a rainbow of pastel pink, baby blue, amethyst purple and mellow yellow. “Eat the rainbow" is definitely one of my favourite phrases and I’ve been wanting to try this rainbow unicorn sushi ever since I found out how easy it is to naturally colour my food! The rainbow has never tasted as fresh as these brightly coloured veggie sushi rolls made using all-natural ingredients. This sushi is so colourful and stunning that I’m sure you’ll impress whoever you decide to make this for, or yourself, which is totally ok since I devoured all of these rolls by myself…

This brings me to another point, although the whole process can be a bit time-consuming, just make a big batch, this will last you a couple of days. You can easily store the prepped rolls in the fridge for a couple of days, keep in mind that this depends on the fillings you used, if you use ingredients like avocado then I don’t recommend storing it to long.

Now lets talk fillings! Whenever I tell an “omnivore” that sushi is one of my favourite foods I often get the response “but sushi isn’t vegan right?!”, to which I respond with “of course it is, just fill it with plant based foods”. There are a million different ways of making sushi vegan, just use your imagination, there are no limits. Feel free to fill the rolls with whatever your heart (aka stomach) desires. You can use tofu, tomato, tempeh, pickled daikon radish, carrot and whatever else you can think of, be creative.

Here are some natural food colourings you can use:

Green: Spirulina powder

Yellow: Turmeric powder

Light green: combine a bit of turmeric with spirulina

Red: Gochujang (a red Korean chili-pepper-miso-paste)

Red/Purple: Beet juice or powder

Orange: combine gochujang with a bit of turmeric

Red: Gochujang (a hot pepper-chili-paste)

Purple: purple cabbage

Blue: add baking soda to the purple cabbage water and it turns blue

This rainbow sushi is amazing because of two things:

1. It tastes incredible

2. The amount of extra anti-oxidants and nutrients that you will be absorbing by just adding some more ingredients into the rice will have you never eating normal vegan sushi ever again.

Now it's your turn to make rainbow sushi! I promise you, this will impress your friends, family or bae (no not the Danish bae!). The whole process can be a little time-consuming (not too much though), and it’s definitely worth it! Make these for a party, take leftovers to impress your friends or just have them for the fun of it!


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