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Roasted Pumpkin Jackfruit Curry

Last week, we went from 31°C to rainy, windy and cold in just 5 days. The chilly weather is in full force here in Singapore and it is so cold. After several months in this warm, sunny island, I'm readjusting to the cold temperatures. A hearty curry is therefore welcome!

This week I have been all about the warm, cozy foods including this vegan roasted pumpkin jackfruit curry which is perfect for those cold nights when I'm craving something warm and cozy.

Creamy and bursting with flavours, the aroma of the kitchen took me to far away India, and the taste was out of this world!

I had originally intended for this to be a tofu based dish, but not being the biggest fan of that tofu taste, it required a bit of work. I had tried pressing the tofu, marinating it, cutting it in small bites, crumbling and then marinating it, but it seemed that no matter what method I went through with, I could still taste tofu.

Since my goal is to make this dish as similar to the real thing as possible, so everyone in the family can enjoy it, the tofu taste wasn’t going to fly. That’s where my new pal, jackfruit came in to save the day. Jackfruit doesn’t have an overpowering taste to it, so it works well in this recipe. Not only that, but the texture is a nice substitute for chicken. I even used two forks to pull each piece slightly apart to give it more of a meaty texture. Not a necessary step, but I liked the end result better when I did it that way.

So what do we have here? Tender Jackfruit with roasted pumpkin chunks served with a creamy pumpkin sauce that is infused with spices, garlic, and ginger. Yep, it is double pumpkin: chunks + sauce.

This curry is a wholesome and nutritious meal with Indian flavours. Lip smacking and spicy this entrée pairs well with steamed rice. It is a satisfying meal for any dinner night. This entrée is made with a variety of flavours and spices that’s easily available in our kitchen pantries.

Did you know that the word 'curry' originates from the Tamil word kari which means, "sauce or relish for rice" and it is an anglicisation of the Tamil word used to interpret the variety of dishes from southeastern asian countries?

We love curries in our house so much that it doesn't matter what version I do, my family enjoys them. I love making curries because they are simple and easy to prepare yet bursting with flavors! They are perfect for feeding a crowd alone with a salad or with rice.

Vegan cuisine has officially gone up a notch thanks to some good old jackfruit. An abundance of jackfruit recipes are the lastest meat free substitute to hit the culinary world. I’m so excited to share this curried jackfruit recipe with you all. If you’re new to vegan cooking or simply not in the “know” no worries because this recipe will keep you up to speed.


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