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Rustic Artisan Bread

Everyone reading this, please, you need to make this bread! I’m telling you, this is the best loaf of yeasted bread I have ever made! I’ve baked many o’ things, but this is the easiest rustic bread I have ever made. Seriously, why I have not tried it until now I can never tell you! I had no idea that such an incredibly quick and easy recipe could yield such amazing results. It is the perfect loaf of rustic bread, wonderfully crisp and chewy on the outside, while tender and even slightly moist on the inside. I can now officially say I’ve made a loaf of bread as good as a professional artisan bread baker!

I am powerless in the presence of a good crusty bread! There is something very therapeutic and rewarding about making your own bread. You just don’t get the same feeling with a loaf of store bought bread. Never again will I pay $5 to buy a loaf of rustic bread at the store or bakery. Astoundingly, I liked this even better knowing that I can make them for pennies at home.

With a crusty outside and a tender inside, this homemade rustic bread recipe produces a fragrant loaf perfect for sandwiches or enjoying with pasta, soup or whatever else you like yeast bread with. Oh-so-good. The exterior had that artisan, rustic texture – a gorgeous golden crisp crust. The inside? Everything I'd want in a hearty dinner bread… it’s chewy, soft, yet robust… simply delicious 😋

The crumb is fluffy but hardy, and the crust is impossibly perfect. To achieve that beautiful crunchy-when-it's-warm and chewy-when-it's-not crust, you will need to make the oven nice and steamy by pouring some hot water into a shallow pan and place it on the lowest oven rack. Believe me when I tell you that that will make you feel like a badass baker!

To add more whole grain goodness, I kneaded in rolled oats and millet after the first proof. Mmmm, love me some whole grains. I loved the result – the little grains and oats made me feel extra good about all this extra bread I’ve been consuming (wink).

Now, really, you should let the bread cool before slicing. But it’s hard to resist the draw of that warm bread just waiting to be buttered, so I won’t tell if you don’t let it cool completely before digging in. Sometimes, you just have to break the rules. Serve this rustic bread with your favourite soup. Or alongside your Sunday sauce. Or with whatever you love to whip up on weekends.

I hope you enjoy this bread! We’ve been enjoying it with nutella and jam for breakfast. It would also make lovely sandwich bread. I promise, you’ll feel like a bread rockstar after making this loaf!


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