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Sourcream Schnitzel

If you’ve ever been to Austria and Germany, you might have noticed how much everyone loves paprika there, and I’m certainly not complaining! If you’re a “meat and potatoes” kind of person, it can feel sometimes like there aren’t a lot of exciting meal variations out there for you. If Germany and Austria ave anything to say about it, however, than that’s completely untrue!

As much as I love to cook – and having stayed in Germany for a few years – it would be unforgivably inexcusable, a total outrage, if I didn’t know how to make schnitzel! After all, it is the quintessential German dish. Every tourist to Germany has had schnitzel and most fall in love with it.

Schnitzel is a traditional German and Austrian dish made most often from thinly pounded and breaded chicken or pork, usually served with potatoes or a simple but delicious pasta called spaetzel. It is traditionally a breaded dish, but sometimes it’s nice to switch up the classics for something with a little more flavour.

This schnitzel recipe is made with tofu cubes which absorbs the flavour of the rich sour cream sauce. The sauce alone is worth making this tofu schnitzel for, and could easily be used on tempeh and veggie meatballs.

The best part of schnitzel, however, is that you can eat it plain or mix it up with all kinds of variations and sauces so that it suits your tastes no matter what they are!

This vegan sourcream schnitzel recipe actually happened by accident. One night I came home and was very hungry for something really tasty. So I looked in the fridge and found some tofu and artichokes in oil that I needed to use up. I can't remember how, but I started experimenting, did a bit of research and all of a sudden this recipe happened.

It is high in protein, nourishing, very rich in taste and gluten-free too if you use gluten-free pasta! This version tastes very meaty (chicken or turkey-like) but is meat-free, dairy-free and nut-free.

Are you the kind of person who loves it when the sauce is the most standout part of the meal? Do you catch yourself smothering everything on your plate in sauce, even though it was kind of intended for just one thing? Well, I’m here to enable your habit with the amazing sour cream paired with tofu schnitzel.

In Austria, wiener schnitzel is actually the country’s national dish! Schnitzel is one of my friend’s favourite because it reminds him of his German roots. He went crazy over this meal and is already a big fan of spätzle (a spoon wasn’t enough, he had to use the other hand too), but he also loves mushrooms. So chow down mein schatz and zum wohl!!!


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