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Spicy Scallion Oil Noodles 葱油拌面

Scallion oil noodles, for the uninitiated, are one of the many delights I discovered in side streets and late-night markets on my recent trip to Shanghai. It is a street food staple: clingy wheat noodles tossed in a smoky, flavour-infused oil and a mix of soy sauce. The method is simple and takes fifteen minutes, tops.

These spicy scallion oil noodles are generously coated in this rich, umami, aromatic scallion oil that packs so much flavour, stir them up to get every single strand of noodle to glisten with the goodness, slurp up - simply food heaven.

The star of this is the crispy fried scallions. Make sure that you pat the scallions thoroughly dry after washing, so they don’t splatter too much when they hit the hot oil. Also be sure to julienne the scallions properly, cutting them into shorter lengths, and then thinly slicing them lengthwise into thin strips. This will ensure that your scallions have a good crispy texture!

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