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Strawberry Scones with Mixed Berry Glaze

Hello, my friends! I have a treat for you today, and just in time for mother’s day brunch – a recipe for vegan strawberry scones. aren’t they pretty? There’s nothing quite like a freshly baked scone, in my opinion, and these do not disappoint.

Since tis the season for strawberries, it only made sense to add a pop of colour and flavour in the form of my favourite red fruit. So obsessed with berries right now! Strawberries are loaded with vitamin C, fiber and even lycopene form that bright red colour.

Strawberries, oh how beautiful they are. I find that fruits and animals photograph great, no double chins there. How did I get on this topic? Back to strawberries, oh strawberries, how beautiful they are, and sweet and tart and delicious, and such a pretty red colour.

I knew I found a winner when I tasted these strawberry scones. They were perfect; billowy, soft, crumbly, studded with a generous amount of fresh strawberries, and topped with a drizzle downpour of sweet glaze. Pair these with a mug of coffee and you’re set! If you’ve never attempted scones, you have to know they’re easy to make! More good news: once you have a good scone base, you can make all kinds of modifications for either sweet or savoury scones.

You’ve probably eaten scones, but have you tried making them? There’s nothin’ to it! And the greatest part is, once you have a basic scone recipe, you can make it a hundred different ways; everything from dessert scones to savoury biscuits.

Have you ever tried making scones at home?  I feel like some people relate scones to being a little dry or bland.  But can I tell you something? If you make them correctly, they are the complete opposite. Really delicious scones are lightly browned on the outside and super soft and tender on the inside.  They literally melt in your mouth when you eat them.

Scones can be tricky because they tend to walk a delicate line between being too dry and crumbly and overly soft. These scones came out with what I consider to be the perfect texture!

With or without properly well-honed skills, these scones are beauties. They are unassumingly light with a crisp sugary edge.  They are not overly sweet but enough so to partner well with a cup of tea or coffee making an excellent breakfast or afternoon snack. I stuffed mine with strawberries but I think any berry would be welcomed into their buttery layers.


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