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Sweet & Savoury Fruit Buns

After a heavy and intense week last week, I decided to ease myself back into the recipe testing routine and started in a good place, with carbs. And I’m always excited to share recipes which are related to my childhood. There is something about recipes which you grew up eating.

Just few days back I requested my nani to teach me how to make “peda” - rolls filled with tutti frutti, which was my absolute favourite sweet when I was a kid. Just like peda these vegan sweet & savoury fruit buns (or tutti frutti buns!) also remind me of the good old times. When I was a kid, I used to love these sweet buns. We didn’t get them very often so it was like a special treat. I would enjoy them as such or with some butter. So good!

These rolls turned out pretty good and pretty pink too! The pink was not intentional, but the pink coloured tutti frutti gave this colour to the rolls. Well I don’t mind, since it makes them more festive. They. Are. Everything! Everything I tell ya!! Soft, golden, buttery, squishy, chewy, yeasty, sweet buns. I can smell them as I type and they’ve been out of the oven for an hour.

Light and airy, you’d never know there was no dairy, no eggs and no butter. They are super-delicious, fluffy, soft and not overly sweet! Perfect for these chilly winter days that have been nipping at my nose whenever I’m outside. But I love bread so much, it’s a problem. I love the smell of my house when bread’s baking in the oven. It’s just too wonderful. These buns always come out so beautiful and leave me feeling like a boss honey!! And y’all I really get to thinking I’m all that when I can whip up a big homemade spread and some addictive scratch-made buns to boot. Work chile!

I wish my waist-line loved buns as much as I do. It clearly does not, but I’m just gonna have to worry about that later because the words for today are: tutti frutti buns!!! But not just any tutti frutti buns people. These uh-maaay-zing homemade sweet & savoury fruit buns are the

I’ve always been a sides kind of girl to be honest. The main dishes are great and all but green bean casserole? Dinner rolls? Mashed potatoes? Yep, that’s where I’m at. It’s been that way ever since I was a kid. I guess that means I never grew up? Eh, I don’t care much as long as I can have two or three of these buns to myself come dinner time.

Despite being ridiculously simple, these buns deliver big time in flavour and texture. They’re fluffy, buttery, and perfectly tender, just begging to be slathered in some vegan butter and jam. The small batch recipe is absolutely perfect for when you don’t have a huge family or an entire rugby team coming for dinner. Serve hot out the oven for the most delicious mouth-watering results!


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