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Teriyaki "Chicken" Rice

Lately I’ve been noticing that bowls are all the rage! It makes complete sense to me. They’re easy, portable, and generally delicious ways to build a complete meal. When it comes to dinner, stir-fry is a staple in our house. When I’m not sure about what to make for dinner, I often end up with stir-fry. I love that it’s such a versatile dish and a great way to use up whatever I have in the fridge. I know I’m in need of a good rest when I start making stir-fry for dinner every night, but it’s just the perfect healthy lazy-night meal!

We tend to get in dinner ruts pretty often in our home. Once we find a meal that we love, we’ll eat it over and over again until we eventually feel the need to move onto something new. Right now, our rut is centred around these teriyaki “chicken” rice bowls. Better than takeout and made with just a few ingredients, this Asian teriyaki chicken dinner idea is on our weekly rotation!

Funny, as a culture, I'm always excited and fascinated by what’s new. As a plant-based foodie and chef, I love to push out of my cooking comfort zones to try new techniques, new ingredients, and of course to create new recipes for all of you. Also, I never buy “fake meat”, I consider it heavily processed and not what you could categorise as healthy, plus I'm usually satisfied with veggies, whole grains, and tofu anyway. but if you are like me, sometimes you are craving something with a more “meaty” texture.

Teriyaki chicken stir-fry is to easy dinners what the beatles are to music. Classic through and through. Something everyone knows about…. and either loves or hates. Personally, I’m on the love end of it all… for the stir-fry and the beatles. but here is the thing about classic vegan teriyaki stir-fry…. its not all that healthy. I know, I know. That “chicken” and lovely sweet and sticky sauce are almost always accompanied by veggies (yay!), but that amazing sauce that kind of pulls the whole dish together is…well, not that great for you. Lots of soy. Lots of sugar. Lots of boooooooooooo!

If you have never heard of jackfruit (which I doubt), it is a fruit usually sold in cans in Asian stores. It is available in two versions: ripe jackfruit in syrup and young green jackfruit in brine. You want to buy the latter. It is very bland if not seasoned properly but has a fibrous meat-like texture.

While I was making this dish, omma walked in and said “man, it smells good in here, is that what I think it is? I cannot wait to eat!” Yes, my tater-veggie-burger-loving omma absolutely loves this teriyaki "chicken" stir-fry, and has no issue scarfing them down.

So out with classic teriyaki chicken, and in with healthy one-skillet teriyaki "chicken"! This recipes is the new knees to my bees for a few reasons:

1) One-skillet recipes are magical. I hate dishes. Don’t you hate dishes? Let’s just skip the extra dishes and make all the meals in one pan…starting with this one.

2) It still has the great taste of traditional teriyaki but without the overload of sugar and soy.

So let's just cut to the chase and make this recipe. Because it is going to be happening a lot in my house...and your's too, I'm betting.


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