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Thai Red Curry Risotto

Thai red curry meets Italian risotto in a mind-blowing mashup of flavour. Trust me, it is better than it sounds. If you had to imagine the ultimate comfort food, what would it be? Mine just might be this creamy, coconut-based Thai red curry risotto. Risotto is one of those dishes that just feels good to eat this time of year. It is warm, creamy, and comforting — all attributes that equate to a killer fall food. It is also a dish a lot of people seem intimidated by, and rightfully so. The way most people talk about it insinuates the time, effort, and skill used to pull it off isn’t worth it. Luckily, I have found this to be categorically false, because if I can do it, so can you.

On the night that I created this curry vegan risotto, I was looking in the fridge and cupboard for inspiration. What did I find? I found a some spinach, some cherry tomatoes, and an onion. The other ingredients that I almost always have around are cartons of broth, tofu, canned coconut milk, and of course some red curry paste in the spice rack. On this particular night, I happened to arborio rice in my panty. I typically have rice of some variety. You could make this risotto recipe with another type of rice. However, arborio rice is the best. Arborio rice is higher in starch that is essential for building in the creaminess that is typical of a well-done risotto recipe. This recipe came together delightfully and is a yummy side dish or as part of a main. It is fairly simple with very little chopping {yay!} and a great way to sneak a little comfort food in to a meal.

The rice in this dish was cooked in coconut milk rather than water lending to this incredible creaminess and richness. The grains are actually cooked in the coconut red curry base that has been simmered with lots of veggies. Delicious & nutritious! I filled it with my favourite toppings like fresh cherry tomatoes and tofu cubes that perfectly cut the richness and spice of the rest of the dish. Proof that combining the textures and techniques from one culture with the flavours of another can take your tastebuds wonderful places.

The texture is a cross between a risotto and a thick curry, and the taste is all delicious. It has the kind of warmth that is multi-dimensional, with spice from the curry powder and literal heat from the warm contents, and is perfect for cool weather.


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