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Vegan Pancakes

Happy Father’s Day!! It's the simplest gestures that often mean the most — like making my dad his favourite meal for his special day. So I thought why not treat the deserving father in my life to a pancake stack for breakfast in bed.

I know food bloggers have a bad rap for throwing around the phrase “best ever” a little too frequently. Friends. Look at my eyes… these vegan pancakes are the real deal. I've been searching for the best pancake recipe ever, and I’ve finally perfected it. 

Many recipes out there promise fluffy pancakes but when you make them, they end up being flat, and/or gummy, and are just…meh. Nothing is more pancake pitiful than a stack with no fluff. You know, those times that you question even calling it a stack. More like a plateau of pancake–wider than it is high. Too thick to be a crepe, too thin to be a proper pancake, just lost in that confusing breakfast food gray zone. That must be avoided. These pancakes are thick and fluffy, with a hint of sweetness, but not too much so you can still drown them in syrup, they remind me of the traditional pancakes I grew up on – pancakes are, after all, how my omma used to coax me out of bed as a young child. The obsession continues into adulthood. thanks, omma!

I’ve been working hard developing a vegan pancake recipe that is not only as good as traditional pancakes, but even better. Voilà! These pancakes… seriously. Seriously good 🙌🏻 I actually based the recipe off one of my cupcake recipes as I was curious to see how an ordinary cake batter would work for pancakes. Turns out it’s the way to go. No need for bananas, applesauce or anything else. These are inspired by American-style pancakes but also remind me of scotch pancakes that I used to eat as a child, with jam. It definitely brought back a nostalgic taste and I cannot wait to make these again soon with a dollop of raspberry jam!

My favourite recipes are the ones where you look at the ingredients and think, “There is absolutely no way this could possibly work!” You go into it expecting the recipe to be a big fat flop, then you’re completely shocked and thrilled when it actually turns out exactly the way the directions said it would! Who knew?!?! And who wouldn’t love Sunday mornings and pancakes? Those two put together is just irresistible, nothing beats slow Sunday mornings with a well-prepared breakfast if you ask me!

I’m a morning person, I love to get up early. I enjoy getting up with the sun, that beautiful blue moment just before the sun fully rises, the birds singing and other nature’s voices when us humans don’t make any of our characteristic noises, like traffic, yet. Oh joy!


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