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Veggie Lo Mein

If you haven’t tried making Chinese food at home, you really need to! You’re going to be amazed at how easy it really is. I believe the key to great Chinese food at home is using fresh, quality ingredients and making sure you have the right cooking essentials.

I like to think of this vegetable lo mein dish as a white canvas. You have your noodles and sauce as a base, and virtually any vegetables you like as your paint palette. Ok, admittedly a little corny on the metaphor front. I can practically hear the echoes of omma voice, “oh god, you and your metaphors!”

Quick and easy recipes that happen to be overly delicious? I know you love them, and so do I! Can we get anymore classic than some vegetable lo mein? I think it may be the first “Chinese take-out” dish I ever tried way back in the days of childhood. Nothing beats the simplicity of delicious noodles, crunchy steamed veggies, and that magic “take-out” sauciness that comes with every bite (or chop stick twirl).

I don’t know what it is, but there’s just something comforting about sitting down with a big bowl of noodles…. don’t get me wrong, I love rice, and I adore potatoes, but sometimes you just – need – noodles!

Some veggie lo mein was always just a given when ordering Chinese take-out. No matter what we were ordering, lo mein always got added on to the list of dishes. Always a side, never a main, always a supporting actor and never the lead role. So we’re giving it some major love today and a nice makeover; so well deserved.

I’ve been making this recipe for many years…and every time I eat it, I think “dayum girl, share this with your people already!” So, here I am, giving you one of my favourite, fast recipes! It is not rocket science to whip up an Asian inspired lo mein noodle dish. But we’re also not just opening a box of noodles and a bottle of pre-made sauce here {even though it’s almost that easy}. Nahhhh. We’re using fresh, raw vegetables, stir frying them with noodles, and making our own quick sauce. Best part is, we’re in complete control of our salt. You know how I feel about that. Also, the experts say that when we stir fry veggies, we’re retaining nutrients. Sometimes I really like what the experts have to say.

So, did you know that “lo mien” actually means “stirred noodles”? Basically stirring those noodles in a whole lot of delicious flavours (and some colourful veggies!). Or maybe you mostly know lo mein from your growing up days because good news, kids! Mom and dad are ordering Chinese takeout tonight (yasssss) and little pre-teen you is most definitely going to eat your weight in salty asian noodles and then revisit it in the fridge, cold, right before bed, amiright?

Or maybe you’ve never had lo mein and you’re giving the rest of us all the look right now. I hear you, sitting high up there, saying that you would never eat cold takeout noodles right before bed. there is judgement in your heart. You think you’re not into this whole stir fried noodles and vegetables thing. In which case: it is time for you to get lo mien in your life, friends. This is your big day. We have all been waiting for you. Welcome to your lo mein intervention!

What happens when you drop warm, chewy noodles into a bowl of crispy, stir fried veggies? And then smother the whole thing with a tangy Asian Stir Fry Sauce? Pure Magic! And you don’t need to be a 5 star chef to pull this one off either. Mix a few ingredients together to make the sauce. Stir fry a couple of veggies. Boil some noodles. Drain the noodles…. Toss noodles into stir fry pan with veggies. Pour on sauce. Find chopsticks or fork.

Say goodbye to takeout! With slurpable noodles and stir-fried veggies in a flavour-packed sauce, this vegan lo mein will be your new favourite weeknight dinner. And as long as we have some chopsticks, twirling those saucy rice noodles around the sticks. Are you skilled with chopsticks? I’m not too bad. It is fun to eat with them; may take a bit longer, but worth the mindful dexterous experience!

I’ve eaten a lot of lo mein in my day (it was my favourite childhood meal!) and I think I’ve perfected my own personal recipe. Guys, this lo mein is delicious, and it’s super easy. So give it a try this week.


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