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Veggie Pad Thai

I'm probably not supposed to play favourites, but this recipe is definitely my favourite. Pad thai is the epitome of simple ingredients creating dazzling flavour. It's fresh, light, exotic, and faster than any takeout (unless, of course, you happen to live above a restaurant that delivers). Fresh lime is key to creating the unique flavor, but one lime should be enough for a single or even double batch of this noodle dish.

This pad thai recipe is not the dish from the neighbourhood take-out joint. This thai cuisine (with peanuts and basil duhhh) is just really good, my friends. It is really good and surprisingly easy. I took a few ideas I had seen out there in the big wide internet world and made this. And I am so happy with how it turned out + the minuscule amount of effort it takes to get there.

Personally, I just think theres something so comforting and cozy about noodles. And when you add in Thai flavours too…now we’re talkin’. (Or are we eating, because the food is so irresistible?!) Anyways, my main point was to say that the perfect balance of salty/sweet/spicy/creamy/sour + noodles = love at first bite.

Plus, pad thai is one of those well-loved dishes that is super easy to veganise. Just sub extra veggies for the animal protein, and a tofu” scramble” for the egg. I used some black salt in mine, which eerily tastes exactly like eggs, but if you don’t have it on hand, you can leave it out as well.

You can soak your rice noodles in cold water for 45 minutes (and use this time to do all the other prep of the dish). Some packaging will say you just soak them in hot water for a few minutes, but if you do this, they will get to the perfect texture and then when you stir fry them they will turn to porridge, i.e. yuk. So you want them slightly softened but not all the way. Then you stir fry them with the sauce and the veggies and get to the perfect texture that way. Ideal.

Top it with some crushed peanuts, bean sprouts and cilantro and squeeze some lime for a fabulous dinner.

I’m so happy because I love this recipe so much and I wanted to share with you since I made it for the first time. This vegan pad thai is to die for, actually it’s one of my favourite recipes at the moment and is super healthy.

It’s flavorful, it’s unique, it’s exciting and most of all it’s incredibly delicious! I have the feeling you are going to love this crave worthy dish too!


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