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Tofu Bolognese

Happy 2019, y’all! I hope that your 2019 is off to a fantastic start, + that it is a fabulous, wonderful year for all of you. I know many people make food- and diet-related resolutions in the new year, so I’m starting off the year with a healthy, meat-free twist on the classic pasta bolognese.

Tofu haters, can I tempt you with this vegan tofu bolognese? Yes, tofu bolognese is a thing. It is a very delicious thing that you should make immediately. So, if one of your new year’s goals is to eat healthier, or to eat less meat, you must give this delicious meal a try! And even if it that isn’t one of your resolutions, you should still put this tofu “bolognese” on your to-try list — it’ll be a crowd-pleaser for both meat-eaters and vegetarians!

I grew up in a household where whenever we didn’t know what else to make for dinner, or we were feeling lazy, or tired, or hungry, or it was Monday, or Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or even Friday, we would make pasta. Sure, we had other meals some nights, but who needs them when you could just have pasta? Probably the worlds most perfect food in my opinion. I’m pretty sure I could eat pasta every day and I would still love it.

Thinking back, I always loved pasta sauces with meat in them. My dad always preferred pasta without any meat in them… my how the times have changed… so whenever we went to restaurants, I would hunt the menu for something along the lines of a meaty, tomato-y, spicy pasta and order, then devour said pasta dish. Just because I’m plant-based now doesn’t mean that I don’t love that satisfying hearty bowl of goodness. Except now it is even better because no one had to die, it is cholesterol free, lower in fat, higher in fibre, and the best part, it is so freaking lick the bowl scrumptious.

Ohmygoodness, I just had these for dinner again last night and these pictures make me want it all over again. (am I allowed to drool over my own pictures?)

I have got to admit it. As much as I love vegan food, there's one thing I do miss about rainy days: the smell of a slow-cooked bolognese sauce filling the apartment on a cold day. It is one of my favourite parts of the season. It is not that I love the meatiness per se. It is not necessarily about the contrast between the cold outside and the warmth within. It is not even really about getting to eat the sauce that evening. What it is about is that smell being a constant reminder to me that I'm in the middle of creating something delicious.


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