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Cheesy Tomato Focaccia Bread

Calling all bread lovers! Does the smell of freshly baked bread in a supermarket encourage you to bake your own bread? If it does then you are in the right spot. I’m addicted to baking! The smell of freshly baked bread makes my mouth water and stomach growl – it is an indication that something good and yummy is in the making. Making bread is so therapeutic, and the smell when its cooking is one of my favourite things. This Focaccia is no exception, its incredible.

When I told my family I was making focaccia bread, I heard crickets. No one was excited. Then I told them it’s going to taste almost like pizza. Suddenly everyone got excited. The aroma as the bread baked was heavenly, and when it emerged from the oven all golden and deeply dimpled, it was irresistible! This bread is focaccia that’s really bordering on pizza. It is soft and light in the middle, a little crispy around the edges.

If you don’t know, focaccia is a type of flat Italian oven-baked bread, usually made with olive oil, herbs, and spices. The olive oil makes all the difference in the world and made the crust really golden and crispy. Don’t be alarmed by the amount of olive oil in this recipe. Olive oil is used to generously grease the baking pan, stretch the dough, and brushed over the cooked focaccia. The oil helps to keep this bread soft and moist and differentiate it from other doughs like pizza.

I love making homemade focaccia. What’s not to like about delicious olive oil bread, crispy on the base, soft and airy in the middle and topped with sweet tomato sauce and cheese? The topping for this vegan cheesy tomato focaccia bread here is basic but an ode to those wonderful mini focaccia pizza breads I had growing up.

This Italian-inspired focaccia was just one of the most delicious things I ever put in my mouth! The first bite had us all quite ridiculously smitten. Talk about a delicious explosion of summery flavour! I’m no Italian but I felt like I was being transported to Italy.

I think breads like this one should be celebrated, they’re packed full of flavour, bright colours, are super simple to make and taste amazing! This focaccia recipe is the taste of summer but can equally be enjoyed with a big bowl of homemade minestrone soup when the cold weather arrives. Every single flavour works hand in hand, the sweet tomatoes with the cheese and delicious herbs really create an authentic Italian taste.


So take a delicious trip to Italy without ever leaving your own kitchen! And don’t be surprised if your neighbours line up at your little trattoria, as the amazing aroma from this focaccia wafts through your neighbourhood. Ahhhhh!

Warm from the oven, this hunk makes a perfect afternoon snack or you can pair it with a green salad and a glass of wine for a satisfying lunch or dinner. That’s what I did and it’s likely what I’ll continue to do until I reach the other side of the loaf/the other side of tomato season. Buon appetito!


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