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Dan Dan Noodles with Tofu Scramble

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

It’s time to level-up you noodles game!Have you ever tried dan dan noodles? This dish is like the Chinese version of spaghetti, except it comes with a spicy Sichuan sauce and a ton of delicious toppings. This is a remix of the traditional dish as I went with tofu scramble flavoured with five spice powder and smoked paprika to replace the usual meat topping.

Before we start, let me clarify something. I don’t pretend to know how to make every dish China has to offer. It’s a big country! But when I make up my mind to learn how to make a dish, I’m big on research. I study the origins of the dish, compare recipes, look at Chinese cooking websites, and test recipes several times before the final result is approved.

Learning to cook dishes from another cuisine can leave me either inspired or disappointed, because the result can be as delicious as I'd hoped or totally awful.

When the weather turns against us or we’re feeling beat at the end of the day, this hot and spicy bowl of noodles is all we need to pick ourselves back up again. No greasy take-out boxes here! Swirled in the most tasty sauce, made creamy with sesame seed paste, and the side of Sichuan chili oil to spice things up, this vegan dan dan noodles🥡 stays true to the authentic Sichuan flavour!

I used tofu scramble in replace for the usual ground meat found in this dish. They lighten it, give it earthiness and turn this bowl of spicy noodles into a super nutritious meal! In Sichuan province, if you were to order dan dan noodles at a restaurant, the noodles would be swimming in a pool of red oil. My version is much more bearable for anyone who didn't grow up eating scorching food for every meal, while still maintaining the deep spicy flavour.

Dan dan noodles was my first foray into Taiwanese fare, which is now my go-to comfort food, and holds a special place in my hearts. Did you know that the word dan dan actually refers to a type of stick Chinese street vendors used to carry? On one end of the stick was a basket containing the noodles, on the other end was a basket containing the sauce. Therefore the name dan dan noodles can be roughly translated to “noodles carried by stick.”


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